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Tales From the Frontline #345

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Jun 2 2015


Reece and Frankie are back, covering the Warlord titan, Forgeworld, Game of Thrones and a smidge of Dropzone Commander.  Don’t miss it!

In this episode Reece and Frankie highlight some new Forgeworld models, including a Warlord titan, a new set of Game of Thrones miniatures by Dark Sword, and the newest wave of Dropzone Commander infantry.

In the rumors section, the next space marine release, the Dark Angels, Black Templars, and Tzeentch Daemonkin are discussed alongside the rules changes to Warhammer Fantasy.
Finally, Reece and Frankie go over a Red Hunters list submitted by one of our fans and go through a Q&A session with the Twitch chat.

~Catch you all next week!

Author: Larry Vela