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Top 10 Space Marines Changes You MISSED!

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Jun 16 2015

Codex Space Marines 2015

Checkout this list of our Top 10 changes to the new Space Marine codex that you may have missed.

The new Angels of Death are here, and everyone is talking about whats OP, or new and exciting. What about the minor changes to the book, that you may have missed?

Come see what’s new for 2015!


Via Tim and JRock,

1) Techmarines are now 2 Wounds, and +1 BS. Their Points went up by 15

2.) No more ‘free’ Drop Pods for Assault Troops

3) Stormtalon’s Skyhammer missile launcher is 10 points cheaper, and they can get +1 to their jink save when hovering (their other weapon systems costs were about halved as well)


4) Stalker’s gun has changed, it lost a shot BUT it can now split fire at three shots normal BS. Plus if it shoots at one target it’s shots are twin linked (don’t forget a squad of these ignores cover too).

5) Savant Lock on the Skyspear missile launcher now includes ‘Jetbike’ in it’s special ability.

6) Scout Bikers are now WS4 / BS4 in line with the scouts on foot.

7) The Hammer of Dorn is now susceptible to enfeeblement because it is just a strength bonus to Lysander’s Strength 4.

8) Marneus Calgar lost his ability to autopass tests.

9) Super Grav Squads? You can now equip tactical squads with a Grav Cannon, a Grav Gun, and a Combi Grav gun on the sergeant. Wraithknights everywhere are weeping…

10) Razorback upgrades went down to 20 points each, BUT the vehicle went up to 55 points base. (But you can get a ton of them for FREE if you field the ‘Blue Tide‘)


Space Marine Roundup

Did we miss anything?

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