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Unboxing: Terminator Genisys The Miniatures Game

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Jun 8 2015

Terminator Genisys 1


The machines are coming. Are you ready for them? Join the resistance NOW!

Terminator Genisys the Miniatures Game is here from Warlord Games and produced by River Horse – with game design by Alessio Cavatore! Here’s our unboxing video:


The Endoskeletons and Human Restistance fighters in the main set will plunge you straight into the desperate battle for survival – but this is just the start.

  • Advanced Rules covering commanders, different weapons, vehicles, transports and even VTOLs such as Hunter-Killer Gunships.
  • Battle Scenarios – a matrix of 36 balanced games.
  • Force Lists – Statlines and special rules for all models and weapons of the Human Resistance and Skynet’s Machines.
  • Narrative Scenarios – recreating the events of the War Against the Machines.



  • Full-colour rulebook: 128 pages
  • Exclusive metal Kyle Reese model
  • 10 Terminator Endoskeletons
  • 5 Terminator Crawlers
  • 16 Resistance Soldiers
  • Quickstart rules
  • Card scenery and tokens
  • Double-sided gaming mat
  • Rules reference sheet
  • 13 colour-coded dice
  • Fate die

Terminator Painting



The painting guide in the book is pretty good. It also has a full terrain modeling section. Warlord Games has it available to order for the retail price of $112. But you may be able to find it else for cheaper. It is the skynet internet after all.


There’s no fate but what we make for ourselves. AdamHarry, OUT!

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