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White Dwarf 72: Inside the Cover

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Jun 14



The Angels of Death are HERE! White Dwarf #72 has released, come see the new character models, and more!

If you love the Paint Splatter articles and Space Marines, this may be the issue for you! This week the White Dwarf team is showcasing the new Librarian model, new warlord traits for Codex Space Marines, and a dope new Paint Splatter article!

Tighten up your new Space Marines, with the latest fresh techniques from this week’s Paint Splatter article. Want to paint Ultramaine armor, they got you covered!

There are also two new warlord trait charts to roll on for the second founding chapters of Dorn.

Once again Games Workshop is tight chested with what’s releasing next put if you believe the teaser it will be something Dark Angels….


The Preview in Paint splatter says:
DARK BUT NOT BLACK (Gee, I wonder who that can be?)

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