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Age of Sigmar Rulebook Content Leaks!

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Jul 13 2015


The dam is starting to break, and we’re seeing screen shots and write-ups of the new rules from the Age of Sigmar rulebook! Checkout the latest.

Right now we have a rumored breakdown of the contents of the book, that seems to lineup with the contents picture that leaked out earlier today.

These two sources seem to lineup, so the new book rumors below should be mostly trustworthy.

Via Aaron Paul

Via Faeit

i wasnt able to read the book more in depth but this are the major
things found and thought people would like to know

– the first 80 pages are Lore about the world, race lore and a small
timeline from the point where the old world ended to the Age of Sigmar


– about 30 pages of miniature gallery with all factions involved

– 110 pages of scenarios (complete with battleplans and lore) and rules
on how to play games in the fire realm and life realm (more of that later)
the battleplans can be played with any army

– lastley 30 pages of warscrolls and battalions inculding new minis:
Lord- Celestant (Same rules as in WD)
Lord Castellant (Ability: damage chaos unit within 12″ or +1 save for
a single Stormcast unit within 12″)
Gryphon Hounds (2 base attacks, double when near Lord Castellant, when
an enemy unit gets set-up within 10″ roll 2D6, every friendy unit within
2D6″ of the hounds can make a shooting attack at the enemy unit)
Judicators (4 different weapons to choose, 2 crossbow types and 2 bow
Liberators (Same rules as in WD)

nothing new for chaos
nothing new for Sylvaneth


So a few more new rules look to indeed be on the way in this new mighty tome. Judging from the look of the contents there seems to be a few more things yet to be leaked/previewed already.


We saw the rules for some of Sylaneth already this morning, but there looks to be yet more to come.

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