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Age of Sigmar: UNBOXING

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Jul 4 2015



Age of Sigmar Box Front

Come take look INSIDE the box set everyone has been talking about!

That’s right BoLS readers – we got a copy of the ACTUAL box! No more guessing or rumors, we’re taking a deep dive at EXACTLY what you’re getting.



Age of Sigmar $125

Age of Sigmar Box Back


This starter box contains:

  • a 96 page Warhammer: Age of Sigmar book
  • a 4-page rules sheet (laminated)
  • 1 dice pack
  • 2 range rulers
  • 47 Miniatures which include:
    • 1 Lord-Celestant on Dracoth
    • 1 Lord-Relictor
    • 3 Retributors
    • 3 Prosecuters
    • 10 Liberators
    • 1 Mighty Lord of Khorne
    • 1 Bloodsecrator
    • 1 Bloodstoker
    • 1 Khorgorath
    • 5 Blood Warriors
    • 20 Bloodreavers

Age of Sigmar Sprue 1

This product is the super high quality just like you would expect from Games Workshop. It’s priced competitively when stacked up against it’s peers and the contents speak for themselves! The injection moulded plastics are amazing well done. It’s truly impressive to see just how much stuff is packed into those sprues as well as the quality of the details.

Age of Sigmar Sprue 2

Having held the models in my hands I’m pleasantly surprised and can’t wait to see what else Games Workshop has in store. But for now I’m going to be busy building these bad boys up!


The Age of Sigmar has ARRIVED!


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