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New Age of Sigmar Casters & Slaanesh!

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Jul 14 2015


Come see the new rules for casters, and exciting battalions from the Age of Sigmar rulebook. Plus news on the fate of Slaanesh.

Looks like Age of Sigmar is getting a little spicy! Checkout these rumored new special rules, and spells for games of AoS.

Via Feait

Some additional (optional) rules for the battlefields:
-Sigmars Storm-
Legion of Chaos:
If playing chaos, you can roll 1D6 once per game if your general is
still alive to summon additional units:
1 – D3 Wounds to your general, if he dies he becomes a Spawn
2 – 1 Unit of Daemons, no heroes or monster
3 – 1 Unit of Daemons, no Heroes
4 – 1 Unit fo daemons
5 – D3 units of daemons, 1 hero max and 1 monster max
6 – D6 units of daemons, same as above

Bring down the Tyrant!:

if your general is order or destruction, one per game you can summon
Units from Stormcast Eternals.
Throw an amount of D6 that match the number of turns played.
ex: if you are in turn 3, throw 3D6 in turn 5 throw 5D6.
for every 3+ you can set-up 1 unit with the keyword “stormcast
eternals”, 1 hero and 1 monster max

-Sulfur Archipelago-
when playing on a fire realm battlefield you can use these additional rules:

Missle weapons that are shot from 12″ or more may reroll to-hit rolls of 1
every kind of scenerey blocks Line of Sight


New Age of Sigmar Spells

Wizards can cast Fireballs:
– casting value 5
– 18″
if target unit is 1 model it suffers 1 mortal wound
unit of 2-9 models suffer D3 mortal wounds
units of 10 or more models suffer D6 mortal wounds


place 6 dice on the battlefield (numberd 1-6)
at the start of every herophase roll 1D6 to see wich gysier becomes active.
Units within 6″ of the gysier get D3 mortal wounds.
if you got a model with the keywords Priest and Chaos you can add or
substract 1 to your gysier throw.

– Realm of Life –
when playing on realm of life battlefields you can use these additional

Spontanious growth:
throw 1D6 at the start of your herophase, on 6 you may place 1 Sylvaneth
Wyldwood anywhere on the battlefield (must be flat surface)
if there are models in you way, remove them, place the wood and place
the models as near as possible to their original location.

Blooming life:
when rolling a 1 during a units battleshock test they dont flee. also
you heal any wounds sufferd for all models of this unit.

Wizards can cast Thornshield:

– casting value 6
– 18″
– until your next herophase all enemy units within 3″ suffer D3 mortal

Breeze of Pestilence:

– Nurgle Wizards can cast this spell
– casting value 4
– 12″
– choose 1 friendly unit
– enemy units within 3″ of the chosen friendly unit have -1 to-hit
against that unit.
– you can choose to increase the casting value to a number of your
choice, for every point increased you can choose 1 additional unit

Hidden Foulness:
All scenery has the Hidden Foulness special rule.
during your hero phase throw 1D6 for every unit within 1″ of any
scenery, add +1 if the unit is Nurgle
on 5+ the unit suffer 1 mortal wound, nurgle units heal 1 wound

Father Nurgle, be with me!:
once per game when a Nurgle Hero dies you can throw 1D6
1-2: replace the fallen hero with a chaos spawn
3-4: remove the hero
5-6: the hero doesnt die instead he heals all wounds back to full life.



New Age of Sigmar Battalions:


Stormcast Eternals – Heroes of the Host
1 Lord Celestant (with or without mount)
1 Lord Relictor
1 Lord Castellant
0-1 Gryph Hound units

Special Rules:

add +1 bravery to every Unit of Stormcast Eternals within 6″ of any Hero
from this Battalion
if all 3 heroes are within 3″ of each other, they may cast Wave of Might
during the herophase, throw 1D6 for every enemy Unit within 3″ of this
battalions heroes.
on 4+ the enemy units suffer 1 Mortal Wound and must retreat if possible.

other stuff:
the book states that the dark prince’s throne is empty because he
dissapeard and his followers are fighting for it

there are artworks in the paint schemata section of Bloodwarrios
wiedling two Axes and Bloodwarriors with double-bladed 2H axes (1 blade
on top and 1 blade on bottom)
maybe we will get a box of bloodwarriors much like the once for
Liberators with different options and special weapons.


Now from earlier in the day, we got a rumored breakdown of the contents of the book, that seems to lineup with everything we’ve been hearing up to this point.

These two sources seem to lineup, so the new book rumors below should be mostly trustworthy.

Via Aaron Paul


So a few more new rules look to indeed be on the way in this new mighty tome. Judging from the look of the contents there seems to be a few more things yet to be leaked/previewed already.

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