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Say Hello to the TIE-Punisher

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Jul 7 2015
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X-Wing’s latest Imperial Bomber has a lot of tricks up it’s sleeves and more ordinance that you’ll know what to with.


swx34-tie-punisher-layout (1)



TIE Punisher $19.95

FFG says:

“One of several advanced TIE-series variants developed in the wake of the Rebellion’s stunning victory at Yavin, the TIE punisher was designed for use as a heavy bomber during missions in which the Empire needed to deliver massive payloads to places that Star Destroyers could not venture.

Based on the spaceframe of the standard TIE/sa bomber, the TIE punisher can carry almost four times as much ordnance. Advanced weapons and shield systems add accuracy and resilience, ensuring that the Empire’s investment in the TIE punisher’s munitions aren’t squandered, and the bomber more than proved its worth during the Galactic Civil War by enduring withering enemy fire to deliver their huge payloads on target.”



The Ship

swx34-box-left-250px swx34-dial_swx34-upgradebar400px


The Pilots (so far)

cutlass-squadron-pilot deathrain redline

Cool Cards

twin-ion-engine-mk2 extra-munitions cluster-mines


OOOH!  That TIE MkII Modification is going to be very poopular! And look at the top picture for how large the three-part interlocking cluster mines template is!


~I can already think of some crazy combos out there.  Let the ordinance fly!







Author: Larry Vela
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