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Signals from the Frontline: Wargaming Webcast #357

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Jul 21 2015

signals from the Frontline

Come see Reecius & the gang talk everything from rumors, to tactics, tournaments to armylists! – Get in here!



Upcoming ITC Events


Tactics Corner

  • Will the coming releases for AoS allow the 40k meta to settle?

Rules Lawyer


Completed Commissions

List Review

1850 Tournament ITC List Centstar Eldar:

Eldar CAD

1 x Farseer skyrunner w/ singing spear

4 x 3 Windriders w/ SL

1 x 5  Windriders w/ SL


1 x Wraightknight w/ glaive and scattershield and 2 scatter lasers

Space Marine Allied Detachment:

1 x Sevrin Loth

1 x 5 Scout Squad w/ sniper rifles

1 x 3 Centurion Devastators w/ Grav cannon and amp

Nemesis Strike Force:

2 x Librarian both level 3 w/ daemon hammers, one with Libra Demonica

1 x 5 Purifer Squad w/ 2 psycannon


Reece Robbins
Author: Reece Robbins
  • HALO: Fleet Battles Ships!