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Warmachine:Tactics Goes Humble Bundle

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Jul 18 2015


WARMACHINE: Tactics joins forces with Humble Bundle in Kickstarter themed deal.  Get in here for the details:


Warmachine Tactics Humble Bundle Page


Los Angeles, CA – July 16, 2015 Indie game developer WhiteMoon Dreams, Inc and tabletop powerhouse Privateer Press Interactive have teamed up with the folks at Humble Bundle to make WARMACHINE: Tactics available in the latest ‘Kickstarter Edition’ of the popular gaming sale. Humble Bundle provides gaming enthusiasts a cost effective and charitable means to purchase new games, with proceeds going to both charities and developers. Fans can follow the “pay what you want” model to gain access to some of the titles, or unlock all games in the bundle (including WARMACHINE: Tactics) by purchasing the full bundle at the minimum $13 price point.


About the game: WARMACHINE: Tactics is a turn based, tactical strategy game set in the same steam powered world of the Iron Kingdoms and based on the infamous WARMACHINE tabletop game by Privateer Press.

  • Squad-level, turn based tactical game featuring full access to multiplayer (with limited squad building options).Demo users can play against users with the full game!
  • 20 levels of single player campaign, to introduce new players to the world of the Iron Kingdoms. 2 brand new single player campaigns are currently in development.
  • Skirmish mode allows players the opportunity to test units against computer controlled AI.
  • Customizable squad loadouts for 6 factions – each with a different playstyle and aesthetic.
  • Available for PC and Mac.
  • Continuous, hands on support from an active development team and access to our passionate, helpful and inclusive community.
  • Frequent updates with new content, units, and improvements based on the input of our players.

Warmachine-Tactics-3 Warmachine-Tactics-2

The Humble Weekly Bundle: Kickstarter Edition is on sale from Thursday, July 16 (NOW) to July 23, 2015.

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