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White Dwarf 76 Review – It’s Got Hammers!

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Jul 13 2015

white dwarf #76 cover

AGE of SIGMAR rolls into week two, but where is the Dark Prince? Checkout the wave two offering and content in White Dwarf #76.

White Dwarf #76

Lightning has struck again, and White Dwarf #76 has all the new Age of Sigmar releases, including the new rulebook!

Once again pretty much the whole issue was taken over with AoS stories, background, and a ‘quasi’ paint splatter article showcasing the new Stormclad liberators.

Get the new background of Sigmar’s new base of operations in a multi page spread of story and myth.

Try your hand at an alternate paint scheme for the new sigsmarine models.


Yet more Fantasy/ Age of Sigmar is coming our way for next issue judging by the teaser too. Seems like it Chaos’ turn to tell their story in the Age of Sigmar, and the fate of Slaanesh may finally be revealed as well.

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