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Age of Sigmar: Quest of Ghal Maraz Overview

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Aug 17 2015
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The Realmgate Wars are heating up with the Quest for Ghal Maraz – Join us as we take a stroll through the Book! (Spoilers Ahead!)

Hey BoLS Readers, AdamHarry back with a quick rundown of the Age of Sigmar book Quest for Ghal Maraz.

This is spoiler heavy – You have been warned.


I want to reiterate what I said in the video for those of you at work – This book is worth a look!

From a production stand point Games Workshop has been setting the bar very high with these releases. It’s a 240 page, full color book. The paper is heavy weight and the printing is of a high standard. The binding is well done (ie, it’s not going to fall apart after a read through or a couple of hundred) and it’s a hard back that looks nice to boot. These are all things we’ve come to expect from Games Workshop. I would even suggest that we’ve been spoiled by the quality of products for so long that it’s hard to recognize that quality when it’s right in front of us. But there it is –  and it would be hard to argue that the book is cheaply made.

I don’t care for arbitrary rating numbers – but I can compare this to other books you might be familiar with. I would say this book is definitely higher than the industry standard but not as well done as those super fancy Horus Heresy books from Forge World (and I’d bet money that the limited editions are on par, if not better quality that those Forge World books).


The story in the book is a entertaining read. I know a few of you out there have been keeping up with the new fluff and will agree with me. Plus The Silver Maiden is one scary Banshee… holy smokes! I do go through a lot of the spoilerific story in the video but the main things I want to point out are:

  • It picks up where the last book left off with the dual campaigns running
    • The first campaign follows Vandus Hammerhand & Thostos Bladestorm on their quest to retrieve Ghal Maraz from the Tzeentch forces in the Realm of Metal
    • The second campaign follows the forces of Alarielle and Sigmar vs Nurgle & Skaven in the Ghyran (aka the Realm of Life)
  • The Stormcast Eternals can are killed by ‘normal’ means they return but they can be destroyed by specific magic/weapons (which prevents the reforging) – there are a few points in the story where this comes into play
  • The Great Oak of Ages Past is still alive, although it’s partly corrupt
  • Don’t drink Nurgle bathwater… bad times ahead
  • The Good guys are pushing back Chaos… at least for now
  • It does rehash some of the other units, but there are rules for updated ones too
  • Still no Slaaneshi updates – The Dark Prince is still MIA (Just a Keeper of Secrets Pic and a stock photo of Slaanesh Cav)
  • Sigmar lost his hammer is a kind of funny way – but he does get Ghal Maraz back
  • This is NOT the end of the Realmgate Wars

I also want to mention the book is written in a way to introduce completely new players to the world of Warhammer. But if you’re an old school fan you’re not going to be bored either.


Again, the Realmgate wars series and The Quest for Ghal Maraz are worth a read. It’s actually exciting to see GW push their narrative forward and support it with the campaigns, scenarios and even extra rules. Even if you’re not playing Age of Sigmar, these books have some neat scenarios to glean from as a campaign system.

This series of books has very clearly been designed to follow the on-going campaign. It’s very obvious that the campaign started with the Box Set, continued through the Age of Sigmar book and will continue past The Quest for Ghal Maraz. This is setting up a new “status quo” for Warhammer and I’m enjoying the ride so far.


I wonder what music played when Sigmar got his hammer back? Oh. That’s right.


Author: Adam Harrison
  • GW Weekly Releases 8-15-2015 First Looks