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BoLS Review: The Battle Bag

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Aug 9 2015
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Battle Bag

We got our hands on a new Army Bag for our miniatures and we wanted to show it off. Check out the New Battle Bag!

Hey BoLS weekend warriors – AdamHarry back with a quick product review. If you’re looking for a new bag or case for an upcoming army, skirmish game or any other miniatures storage solutions – you need to check out the new Battle Bag from Bare Bones BattleWorks:



Bare Bones BattleWorks $69.99*

Our first …The Battle Bag! We have designed this bag to maximize storage with two stacks using our Bare Bones Pick & Pluck Foam. You have 12″ of storage height inside the bag with TWO stacks and 1″ to 4″ of foam offered. The bags are made of ballistic fabric with lots of storage including the zipped out area that has a place for a computer tablet. The outside dimensions are 20″L x 12″D x 13″H. The P&P foam pieces are 11″L x 9″W in heights of 1″, 1.5″, 2″, 2.5″, 3″, 3.5″, and 4″.

*Bag does not include price of Foam.

They also did a video showcasing just how much the new bags can hold:


Overall – I’m liking the bag! The handles/straps going all the way under the bag is a pretty big deal if you’re like me and have had other bags rip. The soft sides make for easy storage if you need to fold it up and put it away – or you can just leave your army inside in the foam. It’s a great alternative product to other bags and the price point is fairly competitive. I think competition in business can be a healthy thing to push industries forward. Now if we could just get TSA approved bag sizes

And for those of you who think arbitrary number ratings matter I give this bag 12 foams out of 1.5 bag(s). That’s how fractions work!

Author: Adam Harrison
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