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BREAKING – New Celestant Prime Rules – CONFIRMED!

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Aug 23 2015



The White Dwarf is already starting to break, and it’s not even the new week yet. Come see what the greater daemon of Sigmar will look like!

via Scanner 8-22-2015

“YESSS!!!! The rules. The model is as big as Nagash, and standing on a celestrial fulgrim that looks more like the top of a Numinous Occulum. He is wielding the Ghal Maraz in his right hand, with wings fashioned after the prosecutor models, but bigger. One picture shows him towering over the Glottkin model.”

unnamed (83)

Celestant Prime

Move: 12″

Wounds: 8

Save: 3+

Bravery: 10


Celestant Prime can Fly


Missile Weapons
The Cometstrike Sceptre: Ghal Maraz: Range 24″ (see below rules)
Melee Weapons
Ghal Maraz: Range 2″ Attacks 2 Hit 3+ Wound 2+ Rend -3 Damage 3

Special Rules

The Commetstrike Sceptre – Calls down a comet from the heavens. During the shooting phase pick a point on the board within 24″ and roll a die. Any unit within the die’s range of the designated point takes d3 mortal wounds.

Retribution From On High – The Celestant Prime does not start the battle on the table. Instead he is in the Celestial Realm drawing additional power into Ghal Maraz. Each round decide whether or not he will enter the battlefield during the movement phase. For each round he stays in the Celestial Realm, he gains 2 additional attacks with Ghal Maraz (added to the weapon’s stats).

When he comes on, place the model outside of 9″ from enemy models anywhere on the board. That is his move for the turn. Enemy models within 12″ lose 2 bravery until the next hero phase.

Orrery of Celestial Fates – Mystical energies that swirl around his feet, grant him insights and aid in battle. Once per turn, you may change one die roll of your choice for the Celestant Prime before modifiers.


Wow, so Sigmars got a great daemon that can deepstrike onto the table, and can put the hurting on some of the bigger warscrolls out there too!

The Celestant Prime model sounds pretty good initially, Nagash is very good looking and if we got another character model on that same level, it would go far to recruiting player for the game like Nagash did for End Times.


Age of Sigmar Weekly Roundup


~AS BIG AS NAGASH! I’ve always wanted a Sanguinius model for my desk…

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