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Eternal Crusade: Into the Warp #30 Highlights & More!

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Aug 15 2015



The Dev’s sit down and talk about the Sorcerer, chainswords, jump packs and a Q&A – And we look at the State of the Crusade!

Behaviour Interactive, the minds behind Warhammer 40,000: Eternal Crusade recently sat down and had a chat on their recurring live stream show. Unfortunately if you missed it the full video will be up Monday – but you can check their youtube channel when that goes live. For now they did put together a quick highlight video to tease us:

Senior Producer Nathan Richardsson also wrote up another State of the Crusade post which had a few interesting tid-bits of info:

  • Founders Access (aka closed ALPHA) is coming sooner than expected – there will be an NDA, however.
  • Unreal Engine 4 is the official engine of destruction that the game will be run on.
  • Consoles are CONFIRMED – they just aren’t sure exactly when.

There is a bunch more info, but I suggest reading the full report from Nathan himself. I know this maybe heresy to all you PC gamers out there but THQ’s Space Marine (may they rest in peace) was actually a LOT of fun on consoles. I think that had to do with the controls. In fact, I KNOW I had a much better experience playing with an Xbox controller on a PC vs a mouse and keyboard. YMMV, but using a controller actually made switching between shooting and melee a lot more seamless – and I have a feeling that is why the Close Combat in Eternal Crusade has been re-worked about a million times.

Keep in mind they are still developing this game as a PC game first and to quote Nathan, “We at Behaviour have been doing upports, downports and sideports for many years, so this does not affect our main development pipeline.” That’s good to hear!

The Eternal Crusade is still a ways off but the Crusade is coming – who’s side will YOU be on?


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