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GW Removing The Hobbit From Their Stores?

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Aug 26 2015


games workshop hobbit gone

Looks like time has finally caught up with Bilbo Baggins as at least one Games Workshop store has removed all the Hobbit from their shelves.

Via Brass Scorpion 

A bunker sized Games Workshop store has removed all their Hobbit merchandise and reset their shelves to Age of Sigmar, and Warhammer 40k this week, with the Hobbit nowhere in sight.



Age of Sigmar Signage

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New 40k Signage

The Hobbit is Gone! (Note old or no signage) 

It’s unclear if this is the removal of the Hobbit from all GW stores, and if it is, whether it’s a result of the new CEO’s promise to review the product range.

If you still need to pick up those last few odds and ends for the game don’t fret. As of this writing some Hobbit items look to still be available on Games Workshop’s webstore.  

Its been a long road for GW and the LotR/Hobbit – but at the end of all things comes the broom.  What did you think of the LotR/Hobbti lines over the years?


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