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Privateer Press: GENCON 2015 Wrap-up

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Aug 16 2015


Privateer Press takes you on a tour of GENCON this year.  They had a whole lot of cool stuff to show off to you:

Take it away Privateer:

Each year, Indianapolis sees tens of thousands of gamers descend on the city for four days of demos, dice rolling, deck building, and debuts. This year’s Gen Con proved no exception.

One of our big releases this year was The Undercity. Players from around the globe took part in helping the Black River Irregulars assist the City Watch in investigating criminal activity under the Cygnaran city of Corvis. Demo games ran all weekend, and the Event Hall saw one group nearly crushed by The Ringleader operating the controls of a massive crane. Though most of the party fell to his brutal efficiency, Canice Gormleigh was left standing and was able to wrest away the controls and smash open the path to victory!

Each day saw the release of new components necessary to “Assemble Your Arsenal!” These four cards, when combined, entered the lucky attendee into the Gen Con 2015 Skorne Empire giveaway. Prizes included plush Shredders, dice sets, and even signed copies of Skorne Empire and The Undercity! This year, our grand prize winners were Adam Taylor and Austin Whitehead, taking home a signed copy of The Undercity and Skorne Empire, respectively. Each of the four cards was fully playable in Iron Kingdoms Unleashed, and for those who missed them, they can be found in the extras section of Skorne Empire.

Throughout the convention, groups of roleplayers dove into the ancient empire of the skorne. With the book releasing at Gen Con, players got their first chance to become part of this massive realm by adopting a caste, mastering the deadly powers of mortitheurgy, and squaring off against massive beasts. Playing in one of the rooms set aside for RPG sessions, one adventuring party uncovered a plot against one of the great houses, delved deep beneath an Orgoth ruin, ran into wild Cyclopes, and were lucky enough to escape with their lives. They swore to return to the ruin and add these brutal creatures to the growing forces of the skorne!


A quick way to bring friends into the fast-paced world of High Command, Rapid Engagement had games pop up in hotel lobbies, restaurants, and, in one instance, even a parking lot! The feral wiles of Circle Orboros squared off against the armored might of Khador as new recruits tried out this unique spin on deck building. High Command featured in our Event Hall, with the Kingmaker tournament drawing many spectators on Saturday afternoon.

This year’s massive WARMACHINE and HORDES tournaments boasted players from all over the world. Players commanded beautifully painted armies and fought in over five hundred games over the four days of the convention. From casual pick-up games in our Iron Arena to the tense games of strategic advantage found on the Masters tables, the lands of Immoren and the halls of Gen Con rang with the sounds of brutal combat!

Ultimately, 2015 was a banner year for Gen Con. Privateer Press is proud to be a part of such a magnificent weekend of gaming and eagerly anticipates what new surprises we can bring next year!

Here is the BoLS coverage of the Privateer Press booth:




Privateer had a fantastic show – stay tuned for even more news and releases headed your way from Immoren!

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