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Prodos Games: AVP The Hunt Begins Unboxing

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Aug 19 2015

AVP pic

The Hunt is ON – Come check out the new board game from Prodos Games: AVP The Hunt Begins!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry here to show off more goodies from GenCon 2015. We got a quick preview of this game when we visited the Ninja Division Booth. But now we’re taking a longer look at the box and it’s contents:

Alien vs Predator: The Hunt Begins

AVP Spread


This box is HEAVY. It right around 10 lbs. After I shot the unboxing I weighed the contents. I bring that up first because a lot of the heft of the box comes from the tiles. They are made from very sturdy material and they look great! These tiles are on par with another famous ‘board’ game involving Hulking Space Craft and …well I think you know what I mean.

APV Aliens 2

Aside from the high quality tiles the miniatures in the box are made of resin and are superbly detailed. Hobbyists out there are going to have a field day building and painting these models. The Alien Xenomorphs just as you expect – lithe and spindly. The detail on their exoskeletons is great and the tails are crisp and sharp. They would be the coolest minis except…


Aliens 1


There are the Predators to contend with for “Coolest” miniatures in the box. There are only 3 Predators (which fits if you know the background of the Predators) and each one is modeled with one of the iconic weapons from the movies: A Spear (Combi-Stick), that disc-thing (Smart-Disc), and the shoulder mounted Plasma Caster. Oh and naturally they have the wrist blades. Can’t forget those… They are also super finely detailed. They have that netting/mesh we see them wear in the movies and the armor plates look pretty sweet as well. That one without the helmet is one ugly mother…

AVP Predators


But of course we can’t ignore the Colonial Marines. I’ll let Hudson take it away:

Check it out! Independently targeting particle beam phalanx. Vwap! Fry half a city with this puppy. We got tactical smart missiles, phase-plasma pulse rifles, RPGs, we got sonic electronic ball breakers! We got nukes, we got knives, sharp sticks…


Colonial Marines 1

That they do! Well mostly… They are packing Phase-Plasma Pulse Rifles, the Smart-gun, a flamethrower and the motion tracker. Not so sure about the sharp stick part – unless he’s referring to the sharp detail on these marines. Because they look good. The models really do look like they are straight out of the movie which, as a big fan of Aliens (1986), is a huge compliment.

I haven’t gotten in a game yet – but I have looked at the rules, missions and assorted things pertaining to the actual game-play. It looks like a lot of fun! As you probably have noticed there are 3 factions. In the missions each faction has there own unique mission/goal to accomplish. This changes things up from a simple shoot-to-survive or death-match style game. They also have a bit of a campaign as well with fixed board setups. It uses D20s and also has an Action Point system as well. It didn’t seem overly complicated and you can even play solo as there are decks for AI-Lite gameplay. And with the missions deck you can reshuffle the board setup and play random missions. The replay value is very high indeed!

Prodos Games knocked it out of the park with this game. The tiles look awesome, the miniatures are amazing and the game is based off the AVP movie the fans have always wanted. It’s Aliens vs Predators vs Colonial Marines – What more do you want? A Power Loader?! … actually, YES.


Who ever wins, we lose – unless you’re the marines…then the humans win.

Author: Adam Harrison