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Signals from the Frontline Episode #363

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Aug 11 2015


Signals from the Frontline: Warhammer 40k and General Gaming News, Rumors, Tactics and Comedy!

In this edition of Signals from the Frontline, the guys once again exhort you to get your LVO accommodations lined up with our room block ASAP! There are only 23% of the rooms remaining!


In the news section: Our T-Shirt campaign continues! Grab a shirt now and support FLG.

Frankie and Reece showcase new products from: Mantic Games, Dreampod 9, Warlord Games, Raging Heroes, Fantasy Flight Games, Westfalia, Corvus Belli, Human Interface, Forgeworld, and Wargame Model Mods blow our socks off!

Multiple ITC events are kicking off this weekend, go get those points! An ITC score update is also forthcoming.

Frankie and Reece take a trip to the rumor mill and uncover some tasty bits about Age of Sigmar and awesome news about Inquisitor Martyr!

Finally, Reece and Frankie review an awesome Sentinels of Terra list!


~Plug in and chill out!


Reece Robbins
Author: Reece Robbins
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