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Goatboy’s 40K List – Burn it with GoatFire!

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Aug 9 2015


Goatboy here again.  Today I want to throw out a list I that brings fiery life back to an old forgotten codex.

It isn’t a death star list, it isn’t a massed objective secured Demi Company nonsense, and isn’t really a MSU dream come true – it instead tries to worm its way into the meta utilizing an under looked codex.  If you read the title you could probably guess the book I want to utilize today – Grey Knights.  Once it was considered the strongest book to rule the 5th edition roost and when it got reworked it was looked at as a subpar choice in the field of multi colored marines.  Heck I even over looked it as I thought the book fixed the over Warp Charge issue but kind of left them missing some of the things they used to be kings of during the 5th edition age.

The initial idea for this list came about after the ATC event.  One of our teammates was chattering on about using Purifiers as a means to crush people with multiple Cleansing Flames.  I took out an army builder and jotted down some ideas that utilized a Death Star mixed with these guys.  Of course Deathstar 40k is boring and dropped that as I continued to try and get the points to work.  Another teammate loved his combo’d Thunder Fire Cannon group with Tigurius and that got me thinking of using them as well.  It would give me more WC to help cast multiple cleansing flames plus it gave me the ability to hit things with Rending Thunder Fire Cannon shots that could ignore cover.  Take that Ravenwing with your reroll saves!

For those wondering – Cleansing Flame is WC 2 – 9 Inch Nova power that is 2d6 Str 5 ap 4 hits with Soul Blaze.  Oh it also ignores cover just to be cute.


Here is the initial shell of the list – GOATFIRE!

Grey Knights – Nemesis Strike Force Detachment + Codex Space Marine CAD
Grey Knights
HQ: Librarian, Lvl 3, Domnia Book Thingie, Daemon Hammer
HQ: Librarian, Lvl 3, Daemon Hammer
Elites: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemon Hammer
Elites: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemon Hammer
Elites: Purifiers X 10, Incinerators X 4, Daemon Hammer
Troops: Strike Squad X 5, Incinerator

Codex Space Marines
HQ: Tigurius – Warlord
Troops: Scout Squad X 5, Meltabomb
Troops: Scout Squad X 5, Meltabomb
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
FA: Drop Pod
Heavy: Thunderfire Cannon X 2

***Fixed this list because I am dumb and didn’t read Purifiers fully nor the Nemesis Strike Force – Purifiers ride in pods cuz Battle Bros is dumb***

It starts out with 22 WC dice due to combat squading the Purifiers.  That generates 12 Dice for you right there.  It also gives you the ability to throw up to 6 Cleansing Flames which could do some serious damage to an army not prepared.  Heck if you drop behind that Rhino Wall you could end up popping a ton of vehicles even through what mystical cover they might have.  This is an army you don’t want to Null Deploy against if you are going first.  Almost all their ways of hurting you doesn’t have to see you.  Plus it also hits those pesky flyers way up in the air with the Nova bubble of doom.


The Thunderfire Cannons can get Rending from Tiggie and throw down with 8 Strength 5-6 shots depending on what powers he rolls.  They also can help set up little bases for your army along you side of the table with +1 cover save on terrain.  You don’t care so much as most of your weapons ignore cover.  The list will probably have some issues with massed Drop Pod marines but if you go second you could easily cripple them as soon as they come down as well.  Your purifiers are deadly down to the last man.  I think this list could do a number on a lot of Death Stars as they get bombarded with a ton of weapon fire and get covered in wounds.  Plus it kills rhinos like a boss.

The initial thought was to utilize some Counts as Nonsense to create the army.  I found some neat looking Thousand Sons/Egyptian Warriors and think with some kit bash/combo builds I could make a really cool looking Thousand Sons army.


Wargame Exclusive Miniatures – was gonna look at other legs to combo – maybe Kromlechs or one of the other manufacturers.

I even thought these guys might look good as starting points for my Thunder Fire Cannons.  I would have to figure out the Cannon part but thought this would be a good starting point to make something look different.

drone-walker_col_scaleRamshackle Games from the UK.

Right now I am just trying to find a new army that doesn’t fit into my normal build styles of a big rock unit mixed with some basic scoring to help me win objectives.  There isn’t any one special unit beyond the Thunderfire Cannons and will see if it ends up being better to have less.


Do you think the Goatfire can go the distance?



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