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10 Rules That GW Should Give The Tau

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Sep 1 2015


What do the Tau need to climb to the top in 7th edition? Come checkout these ideas that are just what the doctor ordered.

We talked a lot about new rules for the Tau. Some of these ideas may seem a little far-fetched at first but when you compare them to what some of the other Factions currently have in 7th, they may not seem like such a bridge too far after all.


10 Rules That GW May Give The Tau

  • Gargantuan Creature Version of the Riptide – GW has already done it with the Wraithknight, and the question is how many points will it be? Reduced points like a Wraithknight, or on par with an Imperial Knight?
  • Triple Vehicle Bonus for Devilfish, Skyrays, and Hammerheads etc.. (similar to Space Marines). Perhaps the Hammerheads will get combined blast ignores cover shot like the Vidincator tank, or Skyrays getting the predator tank like benefits if they were on the table at the beginning of the turn. Something balanced along those lines.
  • Tau Traits for Fire Caste models (again similar to Space Marines). Maybe like a “Tempest Ability”  that any unit hit by weapon with this special rule -1WS and/or Disorganized Charge.
  • Or perhaps another that focused on dropping bigger targets like a greater EMP profile to counter grav. Something that fried synapses and electronics alike with a haywire ability.
  • Farsight’s 8 formation or detachment that let you select the options the suits could have.
  • Strength 10 Weapons back. Dropping armor 13 or greater in a non suicidal short range fashion is a problem for Tau.
  • Decurion style formations that would allow greater emphasis on all suit, or armored company type builds.
  • Death From Above formation that let’s Tau pin point descent.
  • Torrent of Fire – formation that let Tau overwatch on normal BS if they take specific units to fill out said formation, but not fire next turn (note note player turn). Sorta like how the Dire Avengers’ Bladestorm used to work in 5th.
  • Give Tau Grav maybe at a reduced weapon profile like 2 shots or the normal 3 shots gets hot?

I think the biggest deficiency currently in Tau’s battle doctrine is their inability to deal with things like Land Raiders and Knights for instance. Even not being able to deal with a wall of speeding bikes coming at them that have a 2+/3+ jink and an invulnerable is an issue too.

Overall I feel like there is a lot of room for improvement in a new Tau book, as just about every new codex this year has gotten new rule mechanics that are both hobby and meta friendly.

– What rule(s) would you like to see the Tau get versus what do you think they “need”?

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