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40K Battle Report: Chaos vs Tyranids 1850 (Goatboy)

Sep 4 2015
 Chaos vs Tyranids

It’s Goatboy’s Chaos vs AdamHarry’s Tyranids – These are not what you’d call “Cookie-Cutter” Builds either. Check it out!

It’s time for an Oddball Throwdown! It’s Goatboy’s Chaos vs AdamHarry’s Tyranids. Both players are fielding some very unorthodox lists. Will Goatboy’s HelBLADES (not Drakes) and Maulerfiends be able to overpower the swarm? Will AdamHarry’s Screamer-Killer Carnifexes be able to plasma their way to victory? Watch to find out!

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  • 40K RUMORS: Chaos Marines Codex is Finished!