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5 Reasons Chaos is Secretly Good – The Long War Podcast

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Sep 11 2015


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If you think Chaos sucks, you may change you mind after reading this. Come see why Chaos can rise to any occasion, and players never are ready for them!

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Top 5 Reasons Chaos is Secretly Good

Here’s the abridged list of why Chaos is so good that we talked about on the podcast below!

  • Players and TO’s always seem to forget that Chaos Daemons can dominate any “vacuum” meta out there.
  • MSU Gorepack formation for Daemonkin may be one of the best in the game
  • Army-wide Feel No Pain from Daemonkin can make Chaos Hounds some of the most resilient units ever.
  • D- Thirster, Spell Familiars, and Screamers, Chaos has some of the best combo units in the game.
  • Fist of Khorne – First turn assault formation makes Berzerkers all that they can be!

Top 5 Reasons Chaos is Secretly Good – Episode 17 –

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