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Greater Daemon of Sigmar, er New Celestant Prime Unboxing

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Sep 7 2015



The greater Daemon of Sigmar is finally here in the form of the new Celestant-Prime Miniature. Come see what may have once been Karl Franz himself.

The new Celestant Prime model is probably the best “medium” sized model Games Workshop has produced in a while. He’s also perfect for making epic-ally huge Astartes characters as well. He’s also rumored to be the lightning infused version of Karl Franz held over from the destruction of the Old World.

Via Games Workshop

Celestant Prime $80

The wrath of the God-King. The Avenging Angel of Azyr. The Bearer of the World-Hammer. The First Scion of Sigmar – this is the Celestant-Prime. A great king and guardian of men even in mortal life, he has been strengthened by a prodigious infusion of Sigmar’s divine might; but even this power was not enough. Now wielding the Skull Splitter, the Great Shatterer Ghal Maraz, the Celestant-Prime’s fury roars across the battlefields of the realms as an overwhelming clarion call. The thunderous impact of Ghal Maraz can slay a daemon with one blow, setting the spirit within free to make its way to Azyr.

This multi-part plastic kit is everything you need to build one incredible Celestant-Prime miniature. Carrying Ghal Maraz – the legendary Hammer of Sigmar – and a cometstrike sceptre, capable of bringing celestial objects down from the heavens to annihilate foes in a blaze of light and fury, this model is borne aloft on a celestial vortex, features an intricately-detailed cloak, and can be modelled with arms aloft or down by his sides. Forty components in total, includes a Citadel 100mm Round base.




  • Dynamic Model looks great on the table top and anchors the Stormcast Line
  • HUGE conversion potential, as the kits is almost completely multi-part.
  • Comes with Warscroll rules in box




  • Pretty much only assembles one way.


Overall this seems like a very dynamic and cool kit for Age of Sigmar. and you can make some really cool character conversions with it too. Being “primarch” sized is a bonus IMHO for making a custom Astartes conversion as well!

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