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New Forge World Legion T-Shirts Coming Soon!

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Sep 15 2015

Looks like there are new legion products on the way from Forge World soon. Checkout what appears to be on the horizon for sale at the 40k Open day in October!

Via Forge World 9-14-2015

fw t shirts


Very dynamic looking Emperor’s Children and Raven Guard T-shirt offerings for the upcoming 40k Open in today’s bulletin!

Also Keith Robertson has painted up some very striking new Dark Angels in their original legion colors to boot.

black first legion dark angels

So it appears that Forge World is planning on making a BIG splash at the upcoming 40k open day where every Games Workshop themselves continue to tease us that they will be unveiling something that we wont want to miss.

I feel like for most hobbyists October can’t get here fast enough as everything seems to point to the new Plastic Horus Heresy minis being previewed that weekend!

40k’s poised to make a comeback soon and those Legion T-Shirts look cool! What T-Shirt are YOU hoping for?


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