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Star Wars RPG: Force & Destiny Overview

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Sep 19 2015



The Force has AWAKENED in the Star Wars RPG From Fantasy Flight Games!

Life in the Empire has never been easy for those who are sensitive to The Force. Decades of Imperial Rule have caused most force sensitive persons into hiding. This is your chance to play as one of those Outcasts – and it’s your choice if you want to step into the light or embrace the dark…

We go through the book and check out some of the new rules, classes, mechanics and gear of The Force using Jedi and other force sensitive types. This book is a great addition to anyone running a tabletop Star Wars RPG. It fits in perfectly with the other two offerings from Fantasy Flight Games – Edge of the Empire and Age of Rebellion.

Star Wars: Force and Destiny Core Rulebook $59.95


Use the full power of the Force in the epic adventures of the Force and Destiny roleplaying game! You can travel the galaxy in search of ancient Jedi knowledge, protect the downtrodden on your home planet, or pilot a starship for the Rebellion. Whatever your path, the Force and Destiny Core Rulebook contains all the information players and Game Masters need to launch a roleplaying campaign set in the Star Wars® universe.

The beautifully illustrated, 448-page Core Rulebook details everything from using the narrative dice system in combat and creating Force-sensitive characters to the mythology of the Jedi order and locations inside Sith space. It is the fundamental book and launching point for any Force and Destiny campaign.


The Force and Destiny Core Rulebook features:

  • An introduction to roleplaying in the Star Wars universe

  • Clear and concise rules for skill checks, combat, and using the Force

  • Six careers, eight species, and eighteen specializations for Force-sensitive characters

  • Detailed background information on galactic geography, politics, and the Jedi and Sith orders

  • Descriptions and data for numerous starships, vehicles, weapons and other gear

  • A catalogue of NPC adversaries to thwart players during your campaign

  • A complete introductory adventure, Lessons from the Past

  • Helpful advice for GMs about running games of Force and Destiny


Sith or Jedi – It doesn’t matter to me because it’s Lightsaber time!

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