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X-Wing: Force Awakens Core Set Unboxing

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Sep 7 2015
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BoLS takes a deep dive into the Star Wars: X-Wing Force Awakens Starter Box by Fantasy Flight Games!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry back again with more X-Wing action! This one is for all you folks that have been out and about this labor day weekend. Maybe you missed it but if you didn’t know already – the BoLS crew battled the lines on Force Friday (which was September 4th) to get a hold of the rumored new Star Wars: X-Wing Force Awakens starter box. Well mission successful! BigRed was on the case and did a pretty great job dissecting the box in pictures. But I couldn’t let him have all the fun:


The Force Awakens Core Set



X-Wing is a two-player miniatures game of fantastic, high-speed dogfights. Now, for the first time, you can enjoy these dramatic space battles with the incredible new starfighters from The Force Awakens!

The Force Awakens Core Set is the heart of your X-Wing experience and contains everything that you and a friend need to start playing, including three painted plastic ships – one Resistance T-70 X-wing and two TIE/fo fighters.

Painstakingly and faithfully created at 1/270 scale, these miniature starfighters come to life with intuitive rules, individualized maneuver dials and templates, and custom dice that make your combats fast, deadly, and exciting.









The new “Tech” upgrade is going to open up a lot of possiblities in the future as more and more Force Awakened era ships come out. And we’ve heard there are upwards of 50 different ships that could be coming to screens and tabletops near you!


X-Wings with a Boost Action? YES PLEASE! The Red Squadron vet looks like a really good option for a PS 4 ship with an elite talent, astromech and tech option. Oh and there is Poe Dameron, too! Notice you don’t have to spend the focus – you just have to HAVE one.



If weapon guidance is any indication of the “tech” mods we’ll be seeing – get ready for some very, very deadly ships! BB-8 is also going to show-up a TON. That’s an amazing maneuverability. Your ship doesn’t have to have barrel roll to take advantage of it – you just have to use a green maneuver!  And for 2 points?! That’s a deal!





Oh and don’t think the Empire didn’t get any love. These new TIE/FOs (that’s First Order) are pretty mean. They ALL have a shield – which is pretty huge. It’s 25% more ship and they are still dirt cheap! I don’t even want to get into what they can do with their movement dials. Epsilon Leader in particular seems like a perfect fit to fly with a swarm. That ability is for EACH friendly ship – there is no limit!

We also took a look at the new damage deck, rule book and starter missions. The new damage deck is NOT to be combined with the old ones – it’s also the new “standard” deck. If you have the option, you should use the new damage deck. The rule book has been completely updated and even has a ton of the FAQs implemented. For example the tweaks to Large Ships with barrel rolls is incorporated.

If you’re looking to get into X-Wing this is the starter box for you! If you were waiting to get a second starter box (for extra dice, tokens, maneuver dials, movement bars, and SHIPS) this is the one you want to get! And if you just wanted to play with the latest X-Wing miniatures this is the really good box for you, too.

Oh – and in case you were concerned that the Older starter was going to go away – fear not! It’s still going to be in print. So what are you waiting for? Go out there and play some X-Wing!



The Force is STRONG with Fantasy Flight Games!

Author: Adam Harrison
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