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Super Dungeon Explore: Mistmourn Coast Warband Unboxing

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Sep 29 2015


BoLS opens up the new Mistmourn Coast Warband Expansion Box for Super Dungeon Explore – Here come the TROLLS!

Hey BoLS Readers! AdamHarry back with some more Super Dungeon Explore goodness. I got to take a crack at the new Mistmourn Coast Warband Expansion for Super Dungeon Explore and here are the results:


Overall, I’m pretty happy with this box. You get a new hero, a pack of baddies and a new mini-boss who has some extra loot – always a plus! The Troll models are really well done. They have a lot of detail in their armor and the the big “Chief” troll is especially awesome. I’m really liking what Ninja Division and Soda Pop is able to do with the production of these miniatures considering they come ready to go in the box. No assembly is required and they are tough, durable models to boot!

These Warband packs are a really quick and easy way to change up a game of Super Dungeon Explore. I love that these packs allow you to add new monsters for both the “Classic” and “Arcade” versions. So if you’re the “Console (aka the Dungeon Master)” or if you’re more of a Co-op player these packs will work for you.

Mistmourn Coast Warband $39.95


  • 1x Mistmourn Shaman Hero – Assembled Model

  • 1x Salt Mini-Boss – Assembled Model

  • 1x Tribal Stone Spawning Point – Assembled Model

  • 1x Mistmourn Chieftain – Assembled Model

  • 2x Ghostfire Warriors – Assembled Models

  • 2x Spirit Walkers – Assembled Models

  • 1x Salt Pillar Spawning Point – Assembled Model

  • 2x Mist Hounds – Assembled Models

  • 6x Sorrows – Assembled Models

  • 16x Model Game Cards

  • 1x Pinch of Salt Treasure Card


Go check it out and Explore those Dungeons!

Author: Adam Harrison
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