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30K: Horus Heresy Book VI: New Heroes & Villains Coming!

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Oct 30


Wheres word doing the rounds of which of your favorite Horus Heresy characters are coming to the tabletop next.  Come see:

via those fanatics over at battlebunnies! seport the following 4 characters are coming to the tabletop soon.  We have ready seen the miniature of Garro at Warhamer World.



Shadrak Meduson

Shadrak Meduson was Commander of the Iron Hands Legion‘s 10th Company – Sorrgol Clan.

During the pacification of the Eldar-controlled world designated One-Five-Four-Four alongside the Death Guard and Salamanders Legions, Ferrus Manusdisappeared on the battlefield. Meduson was assigned command of the Legion to Shadrak Meduson to continue on with the Iron Hands’ original mission whilst Gabriel Santar led a rescue mission. Meduson and the Imperial Army units were eventually able to locate the Eldar enemy’s node complex that they had sought to destroy.

Later having missed the rendezvous for the disasterous assault on Istvaan V, he became Local acting Commander of Loyalist Imperial resistance in the Segmentum Obscurus and led loyalist forces in the Battle of Dwell. During the battle Shadrak nearly assassinated Horus, Fulgrim, and Mortarion as they met on the Death Guard ship Silence with an ambush of Fire Raptors. Shadrak’s second in command was Bion Henricos who was Sergeant in the 10th Company of the Sorrgol Clan.


Tybalt Marr (The Either and The Or)

Tybalt Marr and Verulam Moy were Captains of the Luna Wolves Space Marine Legion, commanding the 18th and the 19th Companies, respectively.


Both were ‘Sons of Horus’, the term for those Luna Wolves Marines who looked facially similar to their Primarch Horus. While their similarity in appearance to Horus was notable, the similarity between each other was so striking that they were considered almost twins by their fellows. This carried on into their respective nicknames, ‘The Either’ and ‘The Or’, due to the belief that they were so hard to tell apart they may as well be interchangeable. Tybalt Marr was referred to as The Either while Verulam Moy was called ‘The Or.’

In fact, Moy and Marr worked so well together that it was habit, circumstances permitting, for their companies to be sent into battle alongside each other. This was not always possible due to the Wolves’ practice of drawing lots to see which companies would go on missions when a smaller force than the total present was required. Two such occasions were the initial combat drop on Murder, where Moy won a place and Marr did not, and again on the mission to the moon of Davin, where Moy led the force’s Devastator contingent.

It was on Davin’s moon that Moy met his fate. A member of the warrior-lodge and a competent file officer, Moy had yet to distinguish himself as one of his legion’s elite. His time appeared to have arrived when he was selected by the Warmaster to lead his personal security unit into the Glory of Terra, the crashed flagship of Eugen Temba. Shortly afterwards the Marines were largely separated from each other and their commander, and a lone Verulam Moy was the first to locate Temba. Temba attempted to sway Moy to the embrace of Chaos, but the Marine Captain resisted the temptation. A brief battle then took place, in which Moy was killed by the traitorous Temba.

Marr was considerably affected by the death of his friend and comrade, and after visiting the scene of Moy’s death in the aftermath of the battle he became withdrawn and reclusive. A long-time holdout, he eventually joined the warrior-lodge within the Legion on the eve of the Horus Heresy, being inducted by the Warmaster himself.


Nathaniel Garro

Nathaniel Garro was the Captain of the 7th Great Company of the Death Guard Space Marine Legion. A veteran Space Marine warrior who would remain loyal to the Emperor at the outset of theHorus Heresy, Garro is most notable for commanding the frigate Eisenstein through several perils in a successful attempt to escape the Isstvan system and bring warning of the Great Betrayal toTerra. His eventual fate is currently unknown.

Born on Terra, in the region of that world known as Albia, Garro enlisted in the Dusk Raiders Legion, as the Death Guard was known before its reunion with its Primarch, Mortarion, and its relocation to its new base on Barbarus.

By the time of the Horus Heresy, Garro was one of the few originally Terran Marines still serving in the Legion, which caused a rift between him and his fellow Captains, who often called him “Straight-Arrow Garro.”


As Captain of the 7th Company, Garro was entitled to the honourific of “Battle-Captain“, a tradition of the Legion dating back to the Unification Warson Terra, when an officer of the XIV Legion distinguished himself in front of the Emperor, who bestowed the title on him as reward. Garro was proud to bear the title and approved of upholding the traditions of the legion, including the use of a housecarl, Kaleb Arin to act as his equerry.

Despite the pride at he took in bearing these honours and occasionally having the favour of his Primarch Mortarion, Garro did not believe in looking for glory or further honour in battle, and did not go out of his way to impress. He believed above all in simply doing his duty to the Emperor.

Somewhat striking in appearance, Nathaniel Garro was completely bald, his head covered with light battle scars. His eyes looked older than the rest of his face, and his skin was extremely pale, although not as pallid as some Death Guard complexions could be, due to his Terran origins.

Garro’s position entitled him to wear a unique cuirass and back plate on his Mark IV Power Armour, in the shape of eagles taking flight. Unlike the eagle-heads of the Aquila both eagles on the cuirass were sighted, giving rise to a rumour among the more superstitious helots and servants of the Death Guard that they gave the wearer foresight, or acted as a charm against oncoming dangers. Garro kept these fittings on his armour even after it had been stripped of other colours and livery.

Later, Garro was issued a set of Mark VI Corvus-pattern Armour sometime before his mission to Istvaan III.

As his primary weapon, Garro carried a potent power-sword. Called Libertas, it had a heavy monosteel blade and was fashioned in the style of a broadsword. An old Terran weapon, elements of it existed before the birth of its wielder. Garro thought of Terra as his home, rather than the Death Guard homeworld of Barbarus, and it pleased him to carry a weapon from that planet.


Tylos Rubio

An extremely powerful psyker, Rubio was originally a Codicier of the Ultramarines Legion, before the Emperor‘s Decree after the Council of Nikaea banned the Space Marines’ use of psykers. Rubio resented the Decree, but honoured his oath to the Emperor and surrendered his Psychic hood and Force sword, and returned to the lines as an ordinary Battle brother.

While the 21st Company and the rest of its Chapter were being mustered on Calth for war against Orks, Rubio and the other lapsed psykers felt a brief disturbance, caused by the approaching Word Bearers‘ rituals, which would eventually summon a horde of Daemons onto Calth. In their determination to obey the Decree, Rubio and these other psykers said nothing, attributing the feeling to an ordinary headache, caused by fatigue. Rubio would regret this decision until his dying day.

During the Word Bearerssurprise attack, the 21st Company was almost wiped out in their initial attack, and retreated to a railway tunnel leading to the planet’s capital, Numinus. In subsequent battles with cultists and Traitor Space Marines, the Company’s Captain was killed. Before the traitors’ next attack was launched, Nathaniel Garro arrived and told Rubio that they must leave, on the orders of Malcador the Sigillite. Rubio refused to abandon his brothers, even in the face of what was, effectively, a direct order from the Emperor himself. To his surprise, Garro agreed to stand with him against the Word Bearers.


During the next, overwhelming assault, the Ultramarines were driven back, away from cover and in danger of being slaughtered by the Word Bearers’ Terminators. Rubio had already been severely tested by being forced to restrain his psychic powers, even when they would have saved the lives of his brothers. Finally pushed over the brink, Rubio unleashed the full measure of his powers, driving the enemy back, and collapsing the tunnel over the attacking Terminators. The Ultramarines were saved, and the passage to Numinus had been permanently denied to the enemy, but Rubio was instantly shunned by his battle brothers for breaking the Emperor’s decree. Garro demanded an oath of moment from Rubio, who bitterly accepted that he could no longer call the Ultramarines Legion his home.


~Horus Heresy Book VI is said to be due out before the end of the year and may contain even more “Blackshields”, or errant space marines who fought on after the destruction of thier units and commanders.

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