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40K: New Tau Unit Hints Spotted?

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Oct 3 2015


Looks like like the Stormsurge reveal last night was bigger than we thought. Come see what we all may have overlooked!

Games Workshop may not be known for their subtly but sometimes they drop hints right in our collective faces. This is one of those times:

via Iuchiban 10-2-2015

Did you get a good look at the Stormsurge Decal sheet? Look closely…

Coldstar/Enforcer Battlesuit
Breacher/Strike Team

Plus the what we assume may also be coming:
New Codex
Tau Defense Line Kit?

tau Transfer sheet (1)

Well that was a big surprise indeed! The Ghostkeel leaked earlier this week and now we have confirmation of a the Coldstar/Enforcer Battlesuit unit names as well as the new Breacher/Strike Teams. Tau Firewarriors Infantry are most likely the Breacher/Strike teams based on decal size.


But based on the decal size and the XV85/86 designation of the Coldstar/Enforcer units – those could either be new Crisis suits models or a new XV88 Broadside size/type units. But at least we know for sure those are some new Battlesuits.

There is a very good chance that the Tau Codex will be released next week based on how Games Workshop historically operates.

Tau Rumor Roundup

We had rumors of the Defense Line Kit all the way back in June. And looking back those rumors seem to line up with what we have today:

  • New Firewarrior Box. Two Types of units can be made – Breacher/Strike Team – *Check*
  • New Crisis Suits – XV8 Crisis Battlesuit and now XV85 and XV86 Enforcer/Coldstar Battlesuits – *Check*
  • More Commander Suits – Ghostkeel Box – *Check*
  • New Riptide sized Suit that has large missiles – Stormsurge Box – *Check*
  • Looks like a Tau Aegis Defense line with circular weapon platforms – Background photos. Those could be new kits or they could be kit-bashed – either way, not confirmed…


The Tau are bringing the heat this month. And we’re just getting started!



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