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40K: Unlikely Necron Reinforcements?

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Oct 22 2015
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Ever wonder what to do with all those extra “Sprue” bits you have? This Necron Player got creative – Check it out!

If you’re like me and have a pile of extra sprues that you’ve hung on to and have been waiting for a hobby project to inspire you – well then you’ve come to the right place! One Necron player got bit by the inspiration bug and ran with it. The results speak for themselves.

via BaerndMcBaersen, imgur

The Spruecron Army

Necron Spruecron1

Warriors and a Night Scythe

Necron Spruecron 2

Immortals with Gauss Blasters

Necron Spruecron 3


Necron Spruecron 4


Necron Spruecron 5




These are really cool – in an abstract/modern art kind of way. There is just something about the robotic nature of the Necrons that just works with the sharp angles and flat surfaces of the sprues. It’s an ingenious use for all those extra sprues, that’s for sure!  I’d love to see them all painted up and I’d gladly play against a full Spruecron army at least once. So go check out BaerbrdMcBaersen on imgur to see their other Spruecron creations! I wonder what other armies could benefit from the “Sprue” treatment…


Good thing I saved all those sprues – Spruecrons here I come! Now I just need to dig up some extra bases…

Author: Adam Harrison
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