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GEEKERY: For the Love of Star Wars Nostalgia

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Oct 1 2015


There’s been a lot of talk about the new direction the franchise is taking… how about a look back?

How old were you when you first wanted to pilot the Millennium Falcon… or at least pined over the one in the Sears Christmas catalogue? Director J.C. Reifenberg takes us back to our childhood, and all of the great toys that came out with the original trilogy… with a little nod to a particular director.


I never had anything as cool as that Millennium Falcon, but there are still a few battle worn veterans hanging around my house that are well cared for…

star wars toys 2

And some original bubble gum cards…

star wars cards



Going further back, before filming started even, there was Ralph McQuarrie‘s original concept art… concepts he didn’t think would ever make it to the big screen because they were too grand. I’m glad [what would become] ILM managed to prove him wrong. McQuarrie did art for all of the original trilogy movies; some of which were translated directly into shots on film. See any you recognize?



atat mcquarrie


Ralph McQuarrie also worked on Close Encounters, the original run of BSG (he designed the original Caprica), Raiders of the Lost Ark, and Star Trek IV. If you have some spare cash and the desire to own a bit of Star Wars history you can pick up some limited edition art books and movie posters by McQuarrie here.

And what about getting those classics, un-altered on blu-ray? Right now VHS is your only option [correction: VHS and DVD are both available] if you don’t want to see all of the added footage. There have been rumors buzzing around for years about an untouched home release. There are some hoops to go through – Lucas isn’t the only one, Fox owns distribution for Jedi and Empire for another five years and has complete ownership of New Hope – but it would be a lucrative release for Fox and Disney. I think we’re closer to this happening than before Lucas Arts was purchased. John Landis has said some revealing things on the topic recently that makes me think it’ll be sooner rather than later. I can dream…


While we wait to get those back…

What are some of your first memories of Star Wars.. and what memorabilia have you hung on to?

Author: Mars Garrett
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