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SN 40K Battle Report (Space Marines vs Chaos Daemons)

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Oct 11 2015

SN Battle Reports brings you another great battle report, Enjoy!

Mission: Crusade (3 Objectives)
Deployment: Hammer and Anvil
Points: 1500


The telling of the second fall of Argentoratum must, as is only natural, be preceded by the telling of the first. Argentoratum, or more specifically, Argentoratum III, was the only inhabitable planet in the Dinas belt, bordered on both the galactic West and North by the Halo Stars and the outer darkness beyond and to the galactic south by the Geodrosian Deeps. Its colossally remote location at the furthest reaches of Segmentus Pacificus, almost at the very limit of the Astronomican’s light begs the question as to why this world was colonised in the first place. By a galactic quirk the Argentoratum system lay close to the nexus of three of the most stable warp routes in the outer segmentum, facilitating warp travel to this otherwise benighted section of the galaxy. Like hounds following scent trails, the outrunners of Imperial civilisation, Mechanicus Explorators and Rogue Traders both followed these routes and charted their furthest reaches in His Holy Name. Of the Dinas Belt they had nothing much to say other than it was an unremarkable collection of dead worlds, asteroid fields and curious stellar phenomena that rendered some parts of the belt extremely hazardous to navigation…

Except one system, named Argentoratum by its discoverer, the ever modest Rogue Trader Elias Argentoratus Kaspien. The third planet of this system harboured fantastic mineral wealth in its planetary crust which mechanicum assayers and geomancers estimated to be composed of 28% adamantium. With a haste that bordered on the unseemly the High Lords of Terra themselves interceded to annul House Argentoratus’ claim upon Argentoratum III (An action that would lead Lord Elias to sever ties with the Imperium and turn renegade instigating a five decade long guerrilla war which led to the deaths of an estimated 3 trillion people) and handed over all mining and settlement rights to the Adeptus Mechanicus so that the mineral resources might be put to the best use of the imperial war machine. Argentoratum’s output of high quality adamantium quickly made it one of the most strategically important supply points in the segmentum, until, that is, the coming of the warp storms. For the best part of 7 centuries the Dinas Belt was completely cut off from the wider imperium despite repeated attempts by the Mechanium to force their way through the storms. With inexorable logic the priesthood of Mars calculated that repeated attempts to force passage through the storms would be so ruinous in materiel terms that the cost would outweigh the gain of recovering Argentoratums adamantium mines.

Mars declared Argentoratum Perdita and restructured its supply lines to make up for any mineral shortfall. Within a standard century the loss of Argentoratum was no longer lamented as new sources of Adamantium flowed into the segmentum’s foundries along long and tortuous supply lines from distant sectors. In the middle centuries of M40 the warp storms that had severed the Dinas Belt abated as suddenly as they had arrived. Mechanium exploratory vessels probed into the belt to find what, if anything, remained of its mining operation. They found Argentoratum III orbiting a star that had aged several billion years in less than eight centuries, its pale light barely enough to keep the surface of the former mining world habitable. The planet itself was an ice covered deathworld where climatic conditions of terrible ferocity moulded the landscape into a frozen hellscape almost inimical to human life. Almost. The descendants of the miners clung to existence, for it was no life in that white hell. Little could be salvaged from the mining operation, its machinery wrecked and climactic conditions conspired to arrest any possible recovery or salvage. But Adamantium was no longer Argentoratum’s only resource. Magos Biologii noted that due to the severe conditions witnessed on the surface, the native population had evolved into some of the hardiest, most determined and downright vicious examples of the human species to be found in the galactic west.

Further testing proved their genetic code to be within tolerable limits and the world, and its population was classified as a possible Adeptus Astartes recruiting ground just as the High Lords of Terra decreed the start of the 26th Founding of Astartes. Exhaustive testing with multiple gene seed lines proved that Argentoratum would provide fine Astartes recruits though the planet itself was considered a poor choice for a fortress monastery. Military surveyors drawn from both the Adeptus Mechanicus and The Astra Militarum noted how the profusion of stable war routes, the weak gravitational forces of its dying star and the lack of rogue stellar objects like comets and asteroids meant that an attacking fleet could translate out of the warp at the stars terminal shock and use post translation momentum to be in orbit of Argentoratum III within twenty-three minutes. Such vulnerability to sudden attack was judged to be too extreme even for Astartes. A nearby debris field from an aborted system formation would serve as a far more defensible location for a fortress monastery. A profusion of stellar debris and gravitational eddies would force any attacker to translate at three days maximum burn from the asteroid chosen as the fortress monastery, in addition, the system was so clogged with radiation clouds and debris that the approach to the asteroid keep would be torturous in the extreme and would open up several chances for attackers to be brought under enfilading fire from multiple hidden weapons batteries. A cadre of Astartes was already in the process of being armed and equipped in preparation for deployment to this outermost bastion of humanity at the galaxies edge. In a near unheard of move, the new chapter severed their connections to their gene fathers line and chose a new livery and name, chapter master Farkhas declaring that they “will stand alone on the edge of the abyss, beyond aid or succour, no blood ties or allies will come to our aid. We live, fight and die for the Emperor, forever, in solitude.” The new chapter took its name from the original stellar cartographical designation for the debris field that would be its demesne, they called themselves the Scions of Delta Phi.

For 3 centuries the Scions of Delta Phi ranged far and wide over the north western reaches of the Segmentum Pacificus, bringing the Emperors wrath to the many enemies of mankind. Twice the fortress of Delta Phi weathered direct attacks by huge Ork Waaghs that erupted from the tameless Geodrosian Deeps. The greenskins dashed themselves upon the defences that were considered to be amongst the strongest outside of Sol and reckoned to be impenetrable to conventional attack… But the enemies of man are not all conventional. Stygian forces bristled at the Imperiums presence illuminating this otherwise dark corner of the galaxy. The Scions of Delta Phi were too powerful to overcome in their stellar fastness but the chapter could be killed in another way… The human stock of Argentoratum provided each successive generation of Astartes for the Scions of Delta Phi… This was the chapters weakness. Out of the frigid shadows of the ice world shambled the unclean filth from the warp, intent on dealing the death blow to the chapter in absentia. Ships painted in the cobalt blue and white colours of the Scions of Delta Phi made all haste to secure their gene base and repel the foul denizens of the Empyrean.

Chapter Master: thunder hammer; artificer armour; storm shield; auspex; Space Marine bike


9 Tactical Marines: flamer; missile launcher; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant
• Rhino

9 Tactical Marines: flamer; missile launcher; + 1 Space Marine Sergeant

• Dreadnought
• Drop Pod

Command Squad: Standard of the Emperor Ascendant; melta bombs; power fist; Space Marine bikes; Company Champion; Apothecary

4 Assault Terminators: 3× thunder hammer and storm shield; + 1 Terminator Sergeant
• Land Raider: multi-melta

• Predator: sponson heavy bolters

Great Unclean One: Psyker (Mastery Level 3); 2× Greater Reward

Heralds of Chaos
• Herald of Nurgle: Psyker (Mastery Level 2); Greater Reward; Exalted Reward; Palanquin of Nurgle; Greater Locus of Fecundity

• Herald of Nurgle: Psyker (Mastery Level 2); Greater Reward; Greater Locus of Fecundity


• Herald of Nurgle: Psyker (Mastery Level 2); Greater Reward; Exalted Locus of Contagion

20 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Icon of Chaos (plague banner); Plagueridden (Greater Reward)

20 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Icon of Chaos (plague banner); Plagueridden (Greater Reward)

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Icon of Chaos (plague banner); Plagueridden (Greater Reward)

10 Plaguebearers of Nurgle: Icon of Chaos (plague banner); Plagueridden (Greater Reward)


……and we are back!!! After a short break because of some work overload and some short holiday breaks the team is back and with a lot to look forward to. Back with a bang the team set out this impressive old, frozen, and ruined imperial city. Let the Battle commence! Ruins courtesy of Wargame Terrain Factory thanks guys!

Here is one of the three objectives on the board later on you will see the ruined aegis as another and the holy cathedral ruin. Both armies have one in their deployment zone whilst the Imperial Statue is in the middle of both armies.

After a great roll off Steven wins the roll and opts to go first deploying his army as close to the table edge as possible making good use of this to move forward as fast as possible to capture the other objectives remember Nurgle daemons are slow and purposeful so no running for Steven.


Steven’s Great Unclean one deploys in the centre of the board ready to wreck havoc across the board.

Carlos turn now, straight away he makes good use of the high ruins playing one of his tactical squads in it giving them great line of sight.

Carlos deploys his rhino inches beside one of the other Objectives ready to guard it at all costs

He deploys his bike Command squad behind his land raider waiting for the enemy to arrive. After both armies have been deployed Carlos fancies trying his luck and getting a steal initiative but misses out with the roll of a 5. And so the game starts both players eager to get the show on the road on this beautiful gaming table.

Turn 1 (Daemons) So Steven starts his turn off by redeploying one of the Plague bearer squads in better positions on the ruined aegis objective.

Turn 1 (Daemons) Steven moves the rest of his force forward towards the enemy army the scene was epic!

Turn 1 (Daemons) The all important psychic phase starts with Steven keeping to plan and making the Great unclean one a monster not to be messed with and buffs it up to toughness 10! That’s one mean pile of puss that Steven has created.

Turn 1 (Daemons) The Herald on palanquin uses the Grimoire of True Names to give the 20 plague bearer squad a 3+ invulnerable making them now a very tough unit to destroy as the herald attached to them also gives the unit a FNP save. Wrong God I know but this does seem to be going all according to plan!

Turn 1 (Daemons) Steven rolls on the warp storm and is rewarded with a +1 to invulnerable saves after rolling warp surge…..yes that plague bearer and herald squad have 2+ invul and FNP EVIL STUFF! Sometimes Papa Nurgle just smiles…

Turn 1 (Space Marines) “I have awoken.” The Drop pod smashes into the ground opening its doors to the Marine’s dreadnought behind the Daemon lines.


Turn 1 (Space Marines) Carlos goes for a very tactical approach by moving very little only to get better line of sight on the approaching nurgle units. Yep stand back and fire exactly what we would have done.

Turn 1 (Space Marines) For the Emperor! The command squad moves forward towards the incoming Nurgle plague. It’s looking a bit crowded there, must be the only free parking space on the planet…

Turn 1 (Space Marines) After not much movement from Carlos he starts his shooting phase. Straight away he tactically targets the Herald with the Grimoire of True Names and his unit landing a direct hit with his frag missile killing the first Plague Bearer.

Turn 1 (Space Marines) Carlos carries on targeting the same squad and focus fires all his predator shots on the same unit killing another 3 plague bearers.

Turn 1 (Space Marines) With nothing else in range this is the view of the battlefield at the end of turn 1. This is going to be awesome! We couldn’t wait to get on with the next turn…

Turn 2 (Daemons) Steven again slowly but surely (and purposefully?)moves his nurgle army up towards the Space Marines making the threat even bigger now, by next turn most will be in a good charge distance. Straight into the psychic phase we go with some great rolling by Steven seeing his Warlord again being buffed to toughness 10 with the Iron Arm power. The Grimoire of True Names is again cast apon the same 20 man plague bearer squad making them very tough to destroy.

Turn 2 (Daemons) The Chaos Daemon Gods are fickle. Maybe pap nurgle was worried his children were having it too easy, or tzeentch got jealous, or Khorne was just Khorne, or Slannesh sneezed. Whatever the reason they decided to punish the left flanking Plague bearers with a warp storm large blast hitting 8 and sending 3 back into the warp.

Turn 2 (Space Marines) Carlos’ turn again, before he even moves he takes his time to pre-measure most of his weapon ranges wielding his tape measure like a wizard’s wand. This is a very important round for his shooting as the nurgle army can be at his door in the coming turn. With not much movement he starts his shooting phase again targeting the Herald on palaquin squad killing a further two bearers.

Turn 2 (Space Marines) Finally in range the tactical squad on the ruin open fire on the other 20 man plague bearer squad but some bad rolling from carlos and good saving throws from steven sees none removed from play.

Turn 3 (Daemons) The foul stench in the air is unbearable as Stevens rotten army is now very close to their targets. The Great Unclean one leading the way in the centre of the Board.

Turn 3 (Daemons) Hmmm this I didn’t expect Steven ignores the middle statue objective and moves his Plague Bearers towards the Space Marine firing lines! Khornate plague bearers? Interesting. The Grimoire of True Names is again cast on the same plague Bearer and herald on foot squad will this be the final time we see this used as the Herald on Palaquin seems to now nearly be on his own after too many of his Plague bearers in his unit got killed last turn.

Turn 3 (Daemons) Again steven uses all his warp charges to buff up his Warlord he also blesses himself with warp speed this is now a walking killing machine…..scary

Turn 3 (Daemons) NO!!!! Not now! Just when steven was ready to assault the Gods punish him again with a -1 to all Daemon Invul saves Steven tries to assault 2 units needing a 9″ for both charges sadly its not his day and no assaults reach……. Somewhere deep in the warp Malal giggles.

Turn 3 (Space Marines) Turn 3 for Carlos. His dreadnought moves around the drop pod to the other side and has a great shot at the Plague Bearer squad killing the Standard bearer who was dragging behind at the end of the unit. Great move great shot.

Turn 3 (Space Marines) The Chapter Master Orbital Bombards the approaching horde hitting 7 and sending 4 back into the warp the rest of the command squad fire their bikes bolters removing one more from play. Awesome!

Turn 3 (Space Marines) Once again The tactical squad on the ruin fire at the approaching enemy this time killing one of the plague bearers even though they had a 3+ cover save from the trees and their shrouding.

Turn 4 (Daemons) This is getting very interesting steven again starts his turn and again slowly moves his army forward now in objective and enemy range to create havoc.

Turn 4 (Daemons) Steven’s slow and purposeful Herald and Plague bearers move now inches away from the enemy’s firing lines this is going to get very interesting in the next couple of turns. But still moving further from the objective. Is there a plan? Or has Carlos cast an Imperius Curse on Steven causing him to move away from the objective?

Turn 4 (Daemons) Steven’s Herald on Palanquin named “henry” by Steven himself…………. detaches himself from the plague bearers and moves behind the trees for some good cover it is very important this guy doesn’t die as he has the Grimoire.

Turn 4 (Daemons) Nooooo poor Steven fails his Grimoire of True Names at the worst possible time and turn, just when he is inches away to assault the enemy his big Plague Bearer squad get weakend…

Turn 4 (Daemons) Steven then suffers a perils of the warp and the herald in the same squad loses a wound.

Turn 4 (Daemons) Finally some good luck for Steven as The warp storm opens and punishes the command squad with a small blast but failing to really hurt as Carlos easily saves with his artificer armour. Amazingly Steven misses his assault as he again fails what this time was a 7″ charge losing 2 more plague bearers from overwatch.

Turn 4 (Space Marines) Now is the time that Carlos has been waiting for! When the enemy is the weakest he goes for a full-on assault to finish them off. He moves his land raider forward and disembarks his terminators right in front of the Heralds unit. This is going to be very interesting. And brutal. Probably more brutal than interesting to be fair.

Turn 4 (Space Marines) The Bikes also move up for some extra support. FOR THE EMPEROR!

Turn 4 (Space Marines) The Tactical squad again don’t move and use their range to shoot at the incoming Nurgle units…

Turn 4 (Space Marines) …….some great shots this time using rapid fire range sees 4 plague bearers removed from play.

Turn 4 (Space Marines) The Dreadnought which is in a brilliant position behind enemy lines fires at the Plague bearer squad holding the objective but a good 3+ cover save from Steven denies Carlos of sending any back to the warp.

Turn 4 (Space Marines) Charge my brothers!! CHARGE!!! The Terminators and Command squad charge in, absolute crazy scenes!

Turn 4 (Space Marines) The bikes powerful hammer of wrath remove a further Plague Bearer from play. Steven challenges the command unit, with no hesitation the Company Champion steps up and accepts the beast’s call foe a duel to the death.

See the full Battle Report Here for the exciting conclusion

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