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Star Wars ARMADA: Wave 2 Imperials – Inside the Box

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Oct 6 2015



Come see the MASSIVE new Imperial Star Destroyer and Raider for Star Wars Armada’s Wave 2 – unboxed at last!

Via Fantasy Flight Games



Imperial Star Destroyer Expansion $50

The largest and most powerful of the starships from the Armada Core Set, the Victory-class Star Destroyer formed the core of the Imperial Navy at the outset of the Galactic Civil War. These ships measure roughly nine-hundred meters in length, sport crews numbering over five-thousand, and feature a dagger-shaped design that allows them to concentrate nearly all their weapons on their forward firing arcs.

The Victory-class Star Destroyer Expansion Pack bolsters your fleet with one sculpted and pre-painted miniature Star Destroyer identical to the Star Destroyer miniature from the Core Set. It also comes with all requisite tokens and command dials, as well as more than a dozen ship and upgrade cards. The expansion’s two ship cards allow you to outfit your Star Destroyer as either a Victory I or Victory II, and its fourteen upgrades open a wide range of strategic possibilities as they allow you to upgrade your armament, your crew, and even your Star Destroyers themselves.




New ISD Upgrade Cards

Imperial Raider Expansion $20

The Raider-class corvette is the Empire’s response to the need for a designated anti-fighter vessel.

The Imperial Raider Expansion Pack brings this ship’s six, accurate dual heavy laser cannons to Star Wars: Armada, where its utility against snubfighters and the disruptive effects of its ion cannon emplacements, along with the efficiency of its localized command, make it a powerful addition to any Imperial fleet. In addition to its pre-painted, small-base Raider miniature, this expansion introduces eight upgrade cards, a command dial, speed dial, and all requisite tokens.



New Raider Upgrade Cards


Overall this seems like a set that really ramps up the power level to help the little ships take threats head on like the new Home One or Imperial Class Star Destroyer.

~ Look for the new Wave 2 Rebel Ships soon!

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