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40K: Goatboy’s List Idea: Knights of the Goat Table

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Nov 17 2015


Goatboy here and this week was a busy one so instead of some kind of deep 40k thoughts – it’s time to talk Imperial (and FW) Knights!

I’ve thought why not do another list idea.  This one is pretty simple as it really all comes down to wanting to actually purchase one of the new Forge World Knights – The Mechanicum Cerastus Knight-Atrapos aka Uncle Creepy Pants. I am a thrifty purchaser of models. Having a new kid and being the single provider for my family means I can’t go crazy buying plastic toys – especially when I should be buying plastic toys for the baby monster (who just started walking and looks like a drunken little jerk who loves to throw my books around).

Knight1Want to come to my Puzzle Basement?

I know he looks kinda goofy but there is something about its appearance that speaks to me.  I don’t want to Chaos it up at all.  Both the guns look futuristic and the head just looks creepy enough.  Plus I think its rules are pretty spot on with a ton of “anti” knight technology, speed, and just a cool amount of creep factor as it could kill itself.  I can see it stalking around the field and trying to get into range to kill some jerks.

Here are the rules for it from FW’s Site:


The goofy wording on the FW site for how to add it to a knight army is annoying – so I will just use ITC’s interpretation.  It just basically means I can only have one – not that I could even fathom buying more then one.  Heck I need to wait till Xmas/Bonus/Extra money time to even hope to get one.  And that is if I can even get one as I am sure there will be another “beyond budget” expenditure like Medical, Teethical, or Homeical issue.  But hey I can dream my little dream that one day my creepy knight will be sitting on my desk/shelf/box of toys.

I like this guy as his weapon load out just seems interesting.  The chance to Vortex with his big gun seems fun as you could litter the table with bouncing balls of death.  With my luck I’ll see one bounce over to be, erase my crotch with its vortex, and have me explode with a plus 2 into my own friend in the back field.  That would be bringing some hobby back into the nonsense that is 40k right now.  I do like how it has the -1/-2 Strength ability when guns hit it (-2 for blasts/templates).  That could come in handy as you remove some of that Strength 7 love taking you out with massed 6’s (looking at you Tau Jerks).  It also can randomly kill Super Heavies with getting Twin Linked and other nonsense when facing them.  I also love how fast it can be since it is so tall and graceful.  Its always a treat when you roll that 18″ run and surprise your opponent with a Knight in their deployment zone.

But enough of that – lets go to…

The List!

We’ll go with the Baronial Court Idea – will use the Creepy Knight as the “Warlord Baron” Because well – he is the Tallest and probably takes the most pizza during any Pizza Party.


Baronial Court Formation – All my Knights can Shoot Overwatch, have counter Assault, and if 2 knights are near each other they get a +1 to their front Ion Shield Save)

Uncle Creepy Pants
Knight Gallant, Storm Spear Missile Launcher (His best friend that just says ya to everything Uncle Creepy Pants says)
Knight Crusader, Battle Cannon Upgrade
Knight Crusader, Battle Cannon Upgrade

Inquisition Formation
Inquisitor Malleus, Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Servo Skulls X 3
Inquisitor Malleus, Terminator Armor, Psycannon, Servo Skulls X 3


The Servo Skulls help keep people stuck in their deployment zone, let me scatter less with my blasts, and give me ways to spend points.  It isn’t a revolutionary list – it just would look neat as you have a gang of Knights who are running around.  Plus it has the Inquisition checking them out.  I went with Psycannons as another method to getting some extra punch as needed.  Plus the lone single guys take a bit more firepower to remove and can hopefully keep my Knight friends a bit safe.  Plus I could work on some cool looking terminator armor conversions.  Also the games will be very quick with this list – as I expect all my toys to blow up and maybe help kill themselves with the blow ups.  I was almost tempted to take the old Character knight as a 2+ front save is pretty baller to have run around with Uncle Creepy Pants.  I probably couldn’t take real Inquisitors then but it is another thought.  I might only have one Shooty knight too which isn’t nearly as much fun.

The idea is to have the Uncle running around the Field with his Best friend behind him – hopefully doing some work as needed.  The 2 shooting Knights need to control the backfield and hopefully help take out all those dang Rhinos we keep seeing.  I wonder if adding in the Melta cannon on one of them might be a good idea as its AP 1 ability is pretty strong to popping all them free transports the Rhino Dealership is giving out.  This is one of those extreme lists that will be brutal to some and just fall over dead to a lot of other armies.  Tau will probably shoot it off the table unless you get first turn, get lucky, and maybe kill some of those fish headed jerks.


What do you think?



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