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BoLS Battle Report: Ad Mech vs Eldar Pirates

Nov 23 2015

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It’s an AD MECH vs Eldar Throwdown! Cogs & Oil vs Spiritstones & Wraithbone – Come watch the carnage!

Hey BoLS Readers, We’re back with another BoLS Battle Report! This time we have some more Adeptus Mechanicus vs an “Eldar Pirate Force” consisting of a mix of Both Eldar and Dark Eldar.

The BoLS Crew plays ITC Mission #6 – It’s Chris “Aventine” Long vs Kingsley “daKing” in a grudge match. Will Aventine’s Ad Mech Convocation be able to hold off the Eldar Pirates? Will daKing’s Eldar Pirates swoop in for the victory? Watch to find out!


Eldar Raider vs the forces of the Machine God!

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