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The Specialist Games Wishlist

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Nov 18 2015

specialist games

Games Workshop has confirmed Specialist Games is a GO! But what does the community want first?

BoLS alumni Mr. Mystery notes:
…Betrayal at Calth is their first official offering (though one suspects they may have been behind the Assassins game at least, possibly involved as long ago as Space Hulk, but I have nothing like evidence to support that!) so I think it’s safe to say we’ll be seeing stuff that is more than just lip service to classic games.

The official word from GW, which you can find on their App specifically mentions:

  • Blood Bowl
  • EPIC
  • Necromunda
  • Battlefleet Gothic

…so again it seems safe to say most, if not all, their old titles are coming out of retirement for our gaming pleasure.

But what other treasures might we see? What products or approach might see your wallet beg for mercy in 12 months time?

Here’s one to start you off.


Warhammer Quest

Simply put, it was the greatest dungeoneering game I have ever played, ever. To my mind it’s also the epitome of ‘beers and a larf’ gaming. You got your DM and your four players. Nobody has to think too much, and from the initial set near infinitely expandable. For how GW could cash in, look at FFG’s equivalent, Descent (and indeed Imperial Assault).

Do rules for the existing plastic character clampacks and I figure you’re laughing. Box of models here, campaign set there and you’re off.


Rightydokey, over to you.

~Tell us what Specialist Games GW needs to bring back first and why in the comments.

  • PSA: Betrayal at Calth In Stores NOW!