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40K: All of Forge World Legal For Play?

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Dec 30 2015



The newest Imperial Armor book is here and it’s chock full of new rules for 7th Edition. Are all the new Forge World rules “40k Approved” now?



We haven’t seen any new “40k Approved” stamps for TWO Releases of he Imperial Armor series now, so is it safe to assume that EVERYTHING in these books is legal for play in 40k?



I just got my hands on the new Doom of Mymeara book that features all manner of new Eldar rules, and once again just like the second edition of the ‘Seige of Vraks’ Imperial Armor book there were no “40k Approved” stamps anywhere.


There where however tons of Force Organization marks along with faction Eldar designations, that seemed to indicate that these rules are all 100% legal for play in games of 7th Edition.



Even the new releases from Forge World no longer come with the “40k Approved” stamp on their downloadable rules.



All of this seems to mean that the new units are all technically legal for play in games of Warhammer 40,000.


But just to be sure, a Spikey Bits reader went to the source to find out the answers and what they heard back just may surprise you.

fw-stamps1-472x237 FW-stanmp



I think that ‘fist’ is a typo and should be ‘first’, but regardless a very interesting stance by Forge World.

The big question really turn out to be, what will happen to the competitive or even casual games if we continue to pick and choose what we allow in our games, when the designers themselves are planning on games of EVERYTHING being legal for play?

What say ye? What’s legal for play in YOUR games?

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