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40K: The 5 WORST Codexes

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Dec 15 2015



The End of the Year is quickly approaching – Check out our choices for the WORST Codexes out there in the Grimdark.

Hey BoLS Readers, AdamHarry here with some more 40K power rankings. I was chatting with GoatBoy and I had a question for him, “What do you consider to be the worst codexes? And I mean ONLY the codexes, no additional allies or supplements – just the stand-a-lone *codex.” Here’s what he had to say:

First a game… NO peeking:



ALL DONE?  Let’s go!









Dark Eldar codex5. Dark Eldar

This book is a wet paper sack of an army.  Just weak in general and every army has a method to hurt them – whether it is ignore cover, high rate of fire, or just better everything.  They work as an ally because you use their Deep Strike to cheat around with Eldar.  The New Corsair book might breathe some life but right now they just feel like they give you nothing and are weak vs the new hotness that is coming out for different armies – GC’s and high rates of fire.

Tyranids4. Tyranids

This one just needs to be reworked from the ground up.  Their point costs are off, their power set is weak for psychics, and they have issues with Super Heavy Walkers.  GC’s are also a problem as they punish them for having poison.  This book needs a lot of work to get better beyond the Flyrant – which still should be cheaper.

Blood Angels Codex-cover

3. Blood Angels

Dante Weeps. One detachment is just used to get cheap drop pods.  Their scouts are still WS/BS 3 – needs a true Decurion to help make them better.  If they had a Gladius with fast rhinos it would be a different army.  Right now just behind the curve based on what Marines have.


2. Ork Codex

Point issues, loss of an invulnerable save, ignore cover and other things kill them to fast.  The Tau Riptide hurts them so bad and more GC’s coming into the game is rough for them.  The Morka/Gorka naut should have been Super Heavies which would have helped.  Boyz still cost too much.

Codex chaos space marines

1. Chaos Space Marine Codex

The easiest one to put at the end – this book is old, everything costs too much, there is nothing neat in the book and needs a serious reworking.
As a Tyranid, Blood Angel and Chaos Player I can’t say I disagree with his list. I’d also like to add that most of the Big Bugs are still overcosted, not just the Flyrant. With my Nids I’d LOVE to be able to build a different, competitive army from JUST the Codex. I think that is the primary issue with these 5 books – the Core Codexes are just not up to snuff. If you want to play competitively you have to really look at other additions like allies and formations outside of the codex. Is that a business move by GW to sell more books? Maybe. Is it confusing and needless dense for a player? Absolutely.
What’s your take on the Top 5 WORST Codexes ? Let us know in the comments below!
*By Codex I was referring to a full Codex, not the multiple Ad Mech books that activate like Voltron to form a “real” codex release or Harlequins or Knights. I mean full fledged codex release.

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