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Are These The Top 5 Forge World Kits of All Time?

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Dec 12 2015


Come see our list of the Top 5 kits of all time from everyone’s favorite resin casters in Nottingham, FORGE WORLD!

Some kits come and some kits go, but these are the ones that’s always seem to be everyone’s mind!


#5 Fire Raptor Gunship

The Fire Raptor Gunship is a specialised variant of the Storm Eagle known to have its origins in the Imperium’s dim and distant past. The vehicle is configured to maximise ammunition stowage in order to feed the voracious appetite of its numerous weapons and this is achieved by sacrificing the Storm Eagle’s transport capacity.

The secrets of the Fire Raptors construction were lost sometime after the Horus Heresy but Fire Raptors are now being fielded in increasing numbers across the countless war zones of the 41st Millennium, suggesting that an as-yet unidentified Adeptus Mechanicus Forge World or Adeptus Astartes Chapter Forge has come into possession of a complete STC imprint.


#4 The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts

The Contemptor Pattern Dreadnought was once a mainstay of the armoured might of the Astartes Legions of old. Larger and stronger than standard pattern Dreadnoughts, the Contemptor’s systems featured many examples of techno-arcana steeped in the sacred mysteries of the Legio Cybernetica. Some chapters still boast these war relics amongst their ranks, and whenever the Contemptor takes to the field of battle, it is an echo of the power of ancient days.



#3 The Baneblade / Shadowsword  (Baneblade no longer offered from Forge World)

The Shadowsword is a variant on the Baneblade chassis that mounts a single, huge, Volcano Cannon. This terrifying weapon is capable of destroying other Super-Heavy vehicles in a single, cataclysmic blast. The Arkurian pattern variant is the most common type of super heavy tank throughout the Imperium, commonly produced in the Manufactorum of Mars and Accatran, among other Forge Worlds across the galaxy.


#2 The Cerastus Patterns of Knights

Each Knight of the Cerastus class has its own strengths and abilities, as well as its own temperament. The impetuous Lancer wants nothing more than to charge headlong into combat to strike at the heart of the enemy. The Castigator is stoic and slow to ire, holding ground and punishing any adversary who dares to advance. The Acheron slaughters its way through the ranks of the enemy, scorching all in its path, its machine spirits twisted and malicious from centuries of bloody warfare.

Together they cover many battlefield roles and form the core of a powerful force that will leave the armies of your opponents in tatters.


#1 The Primarchs and Characters of the Horus Heresy!

The Primarchs were the twenty genetically-engineered “sons” of the Emperor. The Emperor used his own DNA in their creation, and they were designed to be far superior to the average human: immensely larger, stronger, hardier, faster, and more intelligent. They were also incredibly charismatic, as their main role was to be generals and leaders of the Imperial military.

The stuff hobby dreams are made of. What models would you choose for you own Top 5 list?


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