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Behold the Glory of the Varanguard & Review!

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Dec 6 2015


Archaon’s chosen have never looked better.  Let’s take a look at GW’s latest stratospherically priced offering!

“The greatest warriors in the numberless legions of the Everchosen, the Varanguard, are Archaon’s sword in the Mortal Realms; an army of cold-hearted killers who owe loyalty to none but the Everchosen and will gladly set whole worlds ablaze in his name.”


Ok, let’s one thing clear right off.  I am going to discuss the miniatures first – putting aside the price.  I will give two ratings, one for the models themselves, and a another for the value of the kit as I see it.

More than any other – the Varanguard show the contrast of what Age of Sigmar has allowed the design studio to do to “pump up” the Warhamemr Fantasy line of miniatures.  Freed from the shackles of ranked models, the sculpting team has really opened up the models.  Just look at thinks like the rearing steed, or the one at full gallop, attacked to it’s base with only hoof.   These are the benefits of moving to Age of Sigmar’s individual based minis.  Not only the steeds, but the riders benefit, allowing the “opening up” of the models posing. So we get things like the wide outward weapons being held, and blades positioned in mid strike.

Just look at these two images to see exactly what I am talking about:


Chaos Knights, they can rank-up ($33 for 5, $6.60 apiece)



Varanguard, no ranking-up allowed ($100 for 3, $33.33 apiece)

The detail of these three kits is simply superb – and they are dripping with chaos detail on every square inch.  Where it can be distracting and too much on certain ranges of models – on the Varanguard – the Chosen Lieutenants of Archaon – it seems fitting.

Are they the best looking Age of Sigmar Chaos models yet seen from GW – probably.

Are they worth literally 500% the cost of the previous models – not on your life.

Model Rating: 5 stars (out of 5)

Value rating: 1.5 stars (out of 5) 


~What do you think?


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