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New Tzeentch Sorcerer on Disc SPOTTED?

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Dec 3 2015


FOUND A NEW ONE! Come see what looks to be a new Tzeentch lord of disc that was just spotted!

Via araccerssx on Warseer 11-30-2015

What is that over on the lower right?



What indeed! Is that a new plastic Tzeentch sorcerer that’s rumored to be coming out next week. From this view it looks to be reading from a book, on a Disc that is as tall as Archaon’s new knights.

We also have quote that was sent via an anonymous source to BoLS by someone who appears to have already seen the rumored model, or this picture?

“Hi, I am from Germany.
I can confirm the Tzeentch sorcereror on disc as upcoming release.
It is being releases because the finecast sorcerer was such a disappointment as a mini and as sale.”

Now just to play devil’s advocate here, could it possibly be this older model and just a conversion?


Tzeentch Chaos Lord on Disc of Tzeentch



I mean the head may be different, and there looks to be some design laterally on the disc itself, but I suppose if could be the old sorcerer on disc perhaps?  I’m pretty sure it’s different,  I think the new one is holding an open book.  Look sharp!

~Break out the magnifying glass – new or old model?

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