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Black Library Spotlight: 12-26-2015

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Dec 26 2015


The Black Library is still going strong this holiday season – Come see what’s new plus some old goodies!

via Black Library

The Space Marines 2016 Calendar $24.99


A 2016 calendar – Fewer than 200 left

Live 2016 to the accompaniment of new and classic artwork depicting the heroic Space Marines in battle against mankind’s many foes.


Have artwork of the mighty Space Marines on your wall for the whole of 2016 with the official Space Marines Calendar. Every month brings a classic depiction of the Adeptus Astartes, including Ultramarines, Space Wolves, Flesh Tearers, White Scars and more.



It’s a calendar – always useful – with 12 amazing images from across Black Library’s range of Space Marines titles. Get some superhuman killing machines on your wall (it definitely beats cats or views of Scottish castles).


Book 34: Pharos eBook $15.99


A digital-exclusive Horus Heresy novel!

Get this novel free when you join the Librarium!

Just as Guilliman’s dream of Imperium Secundus seems finally to be realised, the Night Lords launch a full invasion of distant Sotha. Their target? The mysterious Mount Pharos…

With the noble Emperor Sanguinius ruling from Macragge, Imperium Secundus stands as a lone beacon of hope even as the Warmaster’s forces continue to ravage the rest of the galaxy. Roboute Guilliman, still Master of Ultramar, has convinced his brother that Terra has fallen and that the mysterious Mount Pharos on Sotha now holds the key to mankind’s future. But the Night Lords, those cruel and pitiless sons of Konrad Curze, have been watching from the shadows, and make ready to launch their long-planned attack on the Pharos itself…


Written by Guy Haley

Long-running plot threads tie together in a new full-length Horus Heresy novel. Roboute Guilliman’s new Imperium faces its first test as the Night Lords, scattered after the events of Prince of Crows, attack in force. And of course, Curze is still around… the scene with him and Sanguinius facing one another is a Heresy fan’s dream come true.


The Librarium Club (subscription) $125.00


A new novel every month in 2016 for just £75

Join the Librarium and become an elite Black Library reviewer. Get a new novel every month – starting with The Horus Heresy: Pharos by Guy Haley – and submit reviews for use on the website. Also includes an exclusive short story only available to Librarium members.


Join the hallowed ranks of the Space Marines’ elite battle-psykers (sort of) as you enter the Librarium, the brand new Black Library Reviewer’s Club. Every month, you’ll receive a new eBook novel, the most important release of the month as chosen by us – and you can submit reviews to us, some of which will feature on the product page on the website.

January’s title is Pharos, the new Horus Heresy novel by Guy Haley. Discover what happens when the Night Lords attack the light that holds Guilliman’s new Imperium together… and then let us know what you think.


And next month, there’ll be a brand new eBook to read, and another every month of 2016.

As an added bonus, every Librarium member gets a welcome pack that includes a brand new, Librarium-exclusive short story, ‘The Librarian’s Acolyte’ by Graeme Lyon.


You love reading, you love the worlds of Warhammer 40,000, The Horus Heresy and Warhammer Age of Sigmar and you want to be able to give your opinion of Black Library’s stories for others to read. It’s the ultimate opportunity to have your opinions heard.

Whenever a new Librarium title is available, your account will be updated with the latest eBook release. You can join the Librarium at any point during the year and you’ll immediately be able to download all the stories released up to that point. Subsequent ones will be added to your account as they are released. Librarium members will have access to a special page where they can submit reviews of the Librarium stories. These reviews may or may not be used on the product pages for these stories.

The Best of 2015: Warhammer 40,000 $49.99


A Warhammer 40,000 eBook bundle

Valiant Grey Knights, meddling tech-priests, devious sorcerers and the heroic Commander Farsight all feature in this collection of the best Warhammer 40,000 titles of 2015.


From the machinations of the Tech-Priests of Mars to the intricate schemes of Tzeentch’s most powerful mortal servant, this bundle collects together a selection of Black Library titles from 2015 that showcase the very best Warhammer 40,000 stories from the past year.
ahriman-unchangedThis eBundle includes four novels and a novella:


Sons of Titan by David Annandale
Ahriman: Unchanged by John French
Farsight by Phil Kelly
Adeptus Mechanicus: Skitarius & Adeptus Mechanicus: Tech-Priest by Rob Sanders


It’s the perfect way to catch up with the past year’s highlights from the dark millennium

BoLS Staff Pick: The Horus Heresy… So Far $349.99


Every Horus Heresy novel, novella and Quick Read in one amazing value bundle!
29 novels. 16 novellas*. 76 Quick Reads*. From the first battles on Isstvan to the most recent clashes in Ultramar and on Nocturne, this collection will bring you bang up to date with the Horus Heresy.


The Horus Heresy is the greatest war ever waged, the conflict that ended an age of reason and enlightenment, and brought the Imperium to its knees. Brother fights brother, armies that once marched together face one another across the field of battle and entire worlds are lost in the firestorm unleashed by Horus.

This collection contains the entire Horus Heresy so far in eBook formats. Included, you will find 29 novels charting the war from Horus’ fall to his preparations for the invasion of Terra. You’ll also get 16 novellas* telling stories from the Great Crusade and Heresy, including tales of the primarchs, the Battle of Tallarn and more. Plus, 76 – yes, 76! – Quick Reads* shed new light on heroes, villains and events from across the breadth of the Heresy. This is truly the ultimate collection of Horus Heresy tales.

The Horus Heresy is the biggest, most important series Black Library has ever done, and this is the perfect opportunity to start reading it. There’s enough reading here to keep you going for absolutely ages, and the saving is truly massive over buying everything individually. If you’ve never read any Horus Heresy, there really has never been a better time to start.

The new calendar, the subscription deals and some cool eBooks – it’s a great time to jump into the Black Library. The Horus Heresy So Far is my favorite pick of the lot just because it’s THE MEGA COLLECTION of all of the Heresy reading you’d ever want!


Go forth and READ – it’s FUN!

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