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CMON: Arcadia Quest: Inferno – There Be DRAGONS!

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Dec 5 2015


Arcadia Quest’s Kickstarter is rocking! Backers just unlocked another expansion for the game – check it out!

via CMON, Gamewire

The Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter passed $1 million today thanks to all of our wonderful Arcadians! Backers have unlocked a ton of extras so far, including new heroes, monsters and the recently announced Whole Lotta Lava Side Quest. As a thank you, we want to introduce another new and free expansion: Arcadia Quest: Poison Dragon! This deadly foe joins the Frost and Chaos Dragon to bring new, high-level terror to Arcadia and its Heroes. The Poison Dragon turns the streets of Arcadia into a hazy gauntlet of deadly fumes, weakening heroes as he snuffs all life in the city.


The new expansion will unlock over a series of Stretch Goals. At $1,050k, backers will receive the epic Poison Dragon figure and cards. Then, once we reach $1,075k, everyone will get the Poison Dragon Game Tile and Tokens. The exclusive tile is double-sided to fit with either the original or Inferno‘s campaign. And last but not least, if we reach the $1,100k goal, the complete expansion will be rounded out with the expansion’s Item, Upgrade and Dragon Turn cards and a box for all the other unlocks.


The full Arcadia Quest: Poison Dragon expansion includes:

  • 1 Dragon Figure

  • 1 Double-Sided Tile

  • 24 Level 6 Upgrade Cards

  • 2 Relic Cards

  • 14 Dragonstone Cards

  • 24 Dragon Turn Cards

  • 20 Poison Tokens

  • 2 Dragon Monster Cards (Tarot-Sized)

  • 1 Rulebook/Campaign Booklet

  • 1 Dragon Power Card


Unlike the previous two Dragon expansions, the Poison Dragon is only available for Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter backers, so it will not be on sale at a later time. Thank you for backing! For more details and to back Arcadia Quest: Inferno, go here.

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Arcadia Quest: Inferno Kickstarter

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