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Do You Pre-Game Before You Play 40k?

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Dec 18 2015

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Do you play 40k, while you work, sleep and watch TV? If you’re like us, chances are you do, but maybe you just don’t want to admit it?

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Another Long War Two-Fer is HERE – Checkout our fantastical webcast and new and exciting podcast of table-top wargaming awesomeness.


In our latest podcast we interview J. Troop the “Biggest Arms In 40k”, and talk about the pre-gaming the game BEFORE we actaully sit down to play 40k. From list creation to tactics, to perceived metas, we hope you enjoy The Real Truth About 40k’s Pre-Game.

Happy Holidays folks,  the Long War will be back podcasting and webcasting on Jan 6th!

The Real Truth About 40k’s Pre-Game: Long War Episode 31

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