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GEEKERY: NEW Star Trek Beyond Trailer

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Dec 14 2015

star trek beyond

So… how far into this movie will we get a Vin Diesel in a futuristic Dodge Charger R/T cameo?

With Abrams stepping aside the Trek franchise has been handed over to Justin Lin (aka The Fast and Furious guy) and a pack of writers with no big screen credits helmed by Roberto Orci (wrote the last 2 movies)… and it shows. That was painful to watch. The choice of “Sabotage” is appropriate, but not for the reasons they intended. I think the horse is officially dead now, and CBS is just going to be beating it when their new TV series debuts in 2017.

For a better experience I suggest skipping the trailer and watching the original music video then calling it a day:

Disagree? Agree? Let me know in the comments.



Author: Mars Garrett
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