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Get ALL the Horus Heresy – But Act FAST!

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Dec 20 2015


Black Library has so much Heresy – you can’t handle it – but you only have 2 weeks to get in on it!

We are well into the holiday season and Black Library is rolling out a bunch of new bundles to keep you occupied while you are curled up next to fireplace with a glass of your favorite beverage. Take a look at this pair of Horus Heresy offerings:

via Black Library


The Horus Heresy… So Far $349.99


The Horus Heresy is the greatest war ever waged, the conflict that ended an age of reason and enlightenment, and brought the Imperium to its knees. Brother fights brother, armies that once marched together face one another across the field of battle and entire worlds are lost in the firestorm unleashed by Horus.

This collection contains the entire Horus Heresy so far in eBook formats. Included, you will find 29 novels charting the war from Horus’ fall to his preparations for the invasion of Terra. You’ll also get 16 novellas* telling stories from the Great Crusade and Heresy, including tales of the primarchs, the Battle of Tallarn and more. Plus, 76 – yes, 76! – Quick Reads* shed new light on heroes, villains and events from across the breadth of the Heresy. This is truly the ultimate collection of Horus Heresy tales.

The Title included in this bundle are:

Horus Rising
The Wolf of Ash and Fire
False Gods
Galaxy in Flames
Lord of the Red Sands
The Flight of the Eisenstein
All That Remains
The Phoenician
Descent of Angels
Battle for the Abyss
Tales of Heresy
Hands of the Emperor
Fallen Angels
A Thousand Sons
Army of One
The First Heretic
Prospero Burns
Age of Darkness
By the Lion’s Command
The Outcast Dead
Deliverance Lost
Corax: Soulforge
The Value of Fear
The Primarchs
Know No Fear
The Honoured
The Unburdened
Fear to Tread
Lost Sons
Shadows of Treachery
Child of Night
Angel Exterminatus
Tallarn: Executioner
The Eagle’s Talon
Tallarn: Witness
The Purge
Mark of Calth
Distant Echoes of Old Night
Scorched Earth
Vulkan Lives
The Unremembered Empire
Death and Defiance
Sins of the Father
Brotherhood of the Moon
Wolf King
The Devine Adoratrice
Vengeful Spirit
The Final Compliance of Sixty-Three Fourteen
The Damnation of Pythos
Legacies of Betrayal
Blades of the Traitor
The Gates of Terra
Tallarn: Ironclad
Promethean Sun


*Some of these novellas and Quick Reads are individual files, while others are included in anthologies.

Still want more?  How about all the Horus Heresy Audio dramas?


The Horus Heresy Audio Drama Bundle 2015 $220


Horus Lupercal, the Emperor’s favoured son and general of his armies, has rebelled. Across the Imperium, brother turns on brother and the flames of war spread ever further. Against this backdrop, heroes of both sides battle for supremacy, for power or simply for survival.

This bundle contains 33 audio dramas that deepen the story of the Horus Heresy, telling stories large and small of great heroes, dramatic battles and intriguing mysteries.

The Title included in this bundle are:

The Shadow Masters
Iron Corpses
Garro: Ashes of Fealty
The Eagle’s Talon
The Watcher
The Herald of Sanguinius
Garro: Shield of Lies
The Long Night
Master of the First
Echoes of Ruin
Hunter’s Moon
Thief of Revelations
Wolf Hunt
Honour to the Dead
The Sigillite
Garro: Sword of Truth
Burden of Duty
Grey Angel
Butcher’s Nails
Garro: Legion of One
Raven’s Flight
The Dark King & The Lightning Tower
Garro: Oath of Moment


~Black Library says these are “ONLY AVAILABLE FOR TWO WEEKS”.  That should keep you busy for months.


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