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GW: Advent Calendar Day 7: Harlequins & Lukas the Trickster

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Dec 7 2015


harlequins diamonds

Games Workshop shows off Eldar Diamonds & a Space Wolves tale of deception for Advent Day 7!

GW Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 7


The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Chaos (appropriate considering Archaon’s return), so expect plenty of Chaos Lords, Chaos Space Marines and Daemons committing dastardly deeds and concocting nefarious plans.”

Warhammer TV

WHTV Advent Calendar Day 6 – Seraphon Skin & Scales 

Painting Seraphon skin and scales bothering you? Then look no further as Emma demonstrates a great way to paint the skin and scales on your Seraphon miniatures.

WHTV Advent Calendar Day 7 – Harlequin Diamonds


The diamond pattern on Harlequins have a reputation of being difficult to paint. In this tutorial Duncan shows you a great method to paint the diamonds and get a fantastic result you will be happy with.

Black Library

Advent Calendar Webpage



Terrain Guide The Blasted Wastes Tablet

Advent Day 7: The Blasted Wastes Terrain Guide $4.99


Aeons of savage conflict have reduced the once lush and fertile landscape of the Blasted Wasters to a smouldering charnel ground. Scorched by howling, fire-laden winds that incinerate soil and char the very bedrock, the cruel terrain is stained blood red, lacerated with cruel fissures and littered with skulls. With this guide, you can recreate this landscape to use as the backdrop for your games of Warhammer Age of Sigmar.



If you want to theme your battlefield to the twisted plains on which Chaos warbands battle one another, or simply to make it look like a unique corner of the Mortal Realms, this guide to painting a Realm of Battle board and Chaos Dreadhold are for you.

Jackalwolf cover

Advent Day 7: Call of Chaos: Jackalwolf $1.99


Fenris. One of the mightiest worlds of the Imperium, home to the Space Wolves Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes, an impregnable bastion of humanity’s might… or is it? When the treacherous Word Bearers come to Fenris, it falls to Lukas the Trickster, the so-called Jackalwolf, to defend his home world from the interlopers. Can even his vaunted cunning defeat their machinations, or will Lukas – and his Chapter – fall to the Dark Gods?

Written by C Z Dunn


It’s the first Black Library tale to focus on Lukas the Trickster, and the fate of the Space Wolves Chapter lies in his hands…


Another day, another way to fall to Chaos


Author: Larry Vela
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