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GW: Advent Day 16 Black Templars & The Gorechosen

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Dec 16 2015

GW Advent

Black Templar get a Painting Tutorial and the Gorechosen get a story!

GW Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 16

The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Chaos (appropriate considering Archaon’s return), so expect plenty of Chaos Lords, Chaos Space Marines and Daemons committing dastardly deeds and concocting nefarious plans.”

Warhammer TV

WHTV Black Templar Power Armour – Advent Calendar Day 16

If you want to learn how to paint black power armour then watch Emma in this video as she demonstrates a great way to get a good result.

Black Library

Advent Calendar Webpage



Advent Day 16: Gorechosen $3.99



In the sulphur-choked hellhole known as Scorchpit, the slaughterpriest Akhagor affirms his faith by slaying those who battle eternally in that forsaken place. To the deathbringer Vorhak, however, some opponents are worthier than others – opponents such as the mighty Stormcast Eternals against whom Korghos Khul is said to make war. The Red Path leads in many directions, but which of these two champions will the warhorde follow to ultimate glory?

Written by Andy Clark

A Bloodbound warband’s Gorechosen may follow the will of their master, but that doesn’t mean that they always agree on the right path… and when you’re dealing with blood-crazed lunatics, that has the potential to turn deadly.

BLPROCESSED-40K Painting Guide Slaanesh tablet cover

Advent Day 16: Warhammer 40,000 Slaanesh Painting Guide $4.99

For the jaded servants of the God of Pleasure, anything that can make them feel is to be savoured – and that includes bright and clashing colours. This painting guide provides two colour schemes for painting your Slaanesh Chaos Space Marines – a Noise Marine in black with some lovely purple and gold trims, and the fleshy pink and vibrant purple of the Flawless Host.

If you’re dedicating your Path to Glory warband to Slaanesh, you’ll get some helpful hints on colour schemes here, including a disturbingly pallid pink…


That Black Templar Armor does look pretty good…


Author: Adam Harrison
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