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GW Advent Day 24 – Word Bearers & Tzeentch

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Dec 24 2015
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Time to paint up the sons of Lorgar & The Changer of Ways – it’s Christmas Eve ! Advent Day 24 is coming your way!

GW Advent Calendar – DECEMBER 24

The theme for this year’s advent calendar is Chaos (appropriate considering Archaon’s return), so expect plenty of Chaos Lords, Chaos Space Marines and Daemons committing dastardly deeds and concocting nefarious plans.”

Warhammer TV 

WHTV Word Bearers Power Armour – Advent Calendar Day 24

In this video Duncan demonstrates how to paint the purple armour of the Word Bearers.

Black Library

Advent Calendar Webpage




 Advent Day 24: Lord of the Cosmic Gate $3.99


Rikjard of the Many Numbers has done all the calculations and figured out all the variables – soon the path to Tzeentch’s realm will be revealed. His vast army of mutated terrors, barbarous warlords and daemonic servants is amassed, and stands ready to march for the Crystal Labyrinth. Rikjard is determined that nothing will stand in their way, not even the great host of seraphon that is about to descend upon them…

Written by Gav Thorpe



It’s sorcerer against slann in a magical battle that could have dire consequences for the Mortal Realms. A glimpse into a different kind of devotion to Chaos, and the efforts it takes to stop the Dark Gods from destroying everything.


BLPROCESSED-40K Painting Guide Tzeentch tablet cover

Advent Day 24: Warhammer 40,000 Tzeentch Painting Guide $4.99



The followers of Tzeentch worship change and diversity. From the lowliest Rubricae, just the spirit of a long-dead warrior animating a suit of sealed armour, to the greatest of sorcerers, all bring a touch of colour to the battlefields of the 41st millennium. This eBook contains step-by-step guides for painting Chaos Space Marines in the classic blue-and-gold of the Thousand Sons and the rich navy and crimson of the Scourged.


An army of Thousand Sons Rubricae marching across a battlefield is an iconic sight, and this painting guide gives you the colours and techniques you need to replicate that for yourself.


There is still time for some last minute shopping, right?

Author: Larry Vela
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